Maren Bernier and Kristina Halmai-Gillan

Maren Bernier (22) shares the experience of living as a foster youth with co-worker, Kristina Halmai-Gillan (42). Maren describes the experience of a group home setting, foster parent pairings, creative growth as an artist within a Y-supported program, and plans...

That’s it: Music is Going to be the Thing I’m going to Devote my Life to.

In this interview, on December 15, 2019, in Santa Monica, California, Talia Daghighian (15) discussed with her father, Sam Daghighian (47), about his passion for music. They discuss how music changed him in multiple different ways, from helping him gain...

Denise Gioffredi Interview

Reminiscing on how ones creativity and ability to express yourself has changed over the decades.

Tinker Walker and Harold Walker (II)

Tinker Walker (94) talks to her son Harold Walker II (62) about her best friend "Beebaw" her rag doll, while she was growing up after the loss of both her parents & how after losing her beloved doll as a...

Creativity for a Lifetime – Interview with Toni Baugher

In this interview I spoke with a family friend, Toni Baugher, on how creativity has been used throughout her life and was able to capture some of her favorite memories, ideas that she values, and hopes for the remainder of...

Creativity for a Lifetime: Interview with my Grandpa

For my interview I talked with my grandpa all about his childhood and how carpentry has been apart of his life forever and eventually turned into a career.

Creativity for a Lifetime: Interview with my Grandma

In this interview, I talked with my grandmother Georgiann Eckheart, about her life as a mother and grandmother and how creativity played a role in her life.

What is Creativity?

I had the privilege to sit down wjth Dr. Smith and talk about her views on creativity

Creativity in the Mind of My Grandmother

We discussed the summary of her life through religion, work, & family. With a basis of what creativity was and how it’s impacted her.

Through the eyes of a 66 year old

I interviewed Jim Thielen, a family friend and neighbor, about how he has expressed his creativity throughout his life.

Creativity for a lifetime interview 1

I interviewed my grandma and got a better understanding of how creativity impacts her life. (I have extra audio I will edit in to make it longer than 13 min)

Catholicism and Creativity—A Lifelong Story

A story about growing up in a Catholic household, living 18 lives, and managing to be creative in a house full of 50 women.

Creativity with Mary

I interviewed Mary, my former flute instructor, about her life and creativity.

Interview Project: Perspective on Creativity

I conducted an interview with a neighbor and friend of mine, Mo Duffy. We talked about how she feels life has changed since her youth, she offered advice to today’s young people, and how creativity has effected her life.

Creativity Interview

Laura talked about her adventurous life.

Creativity for a Lifetime: An Interview with Professor Anne Stapleton

Sydney Ginter sits down with Professor Anne Stapleton, a scholar of British 19th century literature and a professor at the University of Iowa, to have a conversation about creativity and expression.

Ron Rozencohn Interview

I sat down with painting and drawing professor Ron Rozecohn to ask him a few questions about creativity over his lifetime.