Taking a walk through time

An interview with my Mother, Julie Bolton Williams, on January 1st 2020, at our home in Fort Mill, South Carolina. My Mother has brown hair with blue eyes. She was born in South Africa and has a English culture. She...

Family and how they influence us.

Doris Easter, interviewed my Sierra Swan talked about her life on January 18, 2020 in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Doris really emphasized the importance of family and how they effect us. She also believes that having faith in god and...

“Forever Grateful”

My mom was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. She went to Highland High school, where he met her husband. She married David Huntsman on July 17,1989. They had eight children together.

Nick Van Zandt interview with his Grandma Bonnie Mills

I interviewed my grandmother who lives in Pennsylvania. She worked as a developmental specialist with special needs babies and toddlers. She gave some life lesson regarding religion and wanting to be remembered as a honest and giving person. I learned...

Society Interview

I talked with my grandmother on her childhood, faith, and how her views on race and society were shaped.

Aunt Patti

This interview is the celebration of the beautiful life of Patti Koch- wife, mom, grandma, and favorite aunt.

Joseph D. Trignano

Discussed his time with the Military Police during Word War 2; discussed his family and life lessons he’s acquired.

Great Thanksgiving Listen 2019

My grandpa describes his life as a banker and a veteran. The events that happened shaped him to be the person he is today.

Adelle Sims is interviewed by her daughter, Ella Pharo, about her life.

In this interview, my mom and I discussed her childhood, adulthood, found memories, and important historical/ political things that stand out to her. We also talked about our relationship and other personal things that had an impact on her life.

Opposites Attract

She’s from the Philippines; he’s from America ... and this is their love story.

Thanksgiving Interview

Interview between mike and Patricia potter and their granddaughter ryleigh

Death, Dying, and Loss Interview #GSUDeathF19

Today, I interviewed my mother on her thoughts, views, and perspectives on death and dying. #GSUDeathF19


we talked about a lot of things and i felt like we were speaking heart to heart.

Bennie Sue West being interviewed

My grandmother and I were able to talk about a lot in a very short amount of time. We talked about how in time and knowledge our life’s should always revolve around Jesus Christ.

Dinosaurs in the Garden of Eden

Konrad and I talked about our trip to the Creation Museum and Konrad’s reflection on the difference between church service in Indonesia and here in the United States.

The story of Deanna Bagalawis

Deanna Bagalawis would like to be remembered as a kind, and warm hearted individual, who saw every human as equal and tried to reflect it in her day to day life. In this interview, she attributes her success to her...