Interview with my classmate Zijun

This interview is about starting a new school in Hawaii

Who is Jeovanna?

Jeovanna is a student at Pasadena Memorial High School and she is in the HOSA program. She is a very adventurous and intelligent person filled with wisdom.

"And He Was Terrifying": A Student Finds Unexpected Comfort With His High School Teacher

Quinn Akemon interviews fellow student and good friend Jonah Osti in a college freshman dorm room. After talking about their own relationship and how they met, he tells a story about some words of kindness that stick with him, inspire...


Shaye McCarthy sits down with me to discuss the traumatic experience of losing a best friend during her senior year of high school.

Interview with my dad
January 16, 2020 App Interview

This me and my dad answering questions about life and how it was when he was young :)


In this interview I spoke with keyry.

High school and childhood

Andrew spoke about his early childhood and his experience so far in high school.

You won’t leave high school with the same people you came in with

This was an interview with my girlfriend. In the interview we talked about high school and things she takes interest in. This ranges from softball to painting and incorporates very different aspects of her life.

Choose the Right with all Your Might and Things May Go Your Way

Today I talked with my sweet mom Melinda and got to know some more details about her childhood and young adulthood. She discusses good memories in her life from summers in Kansas to work and raising her kids.

Fresh Perspective

Grace Rodriguez, a Freshman at West Linn High School, provides insight into being a new student in high school, and how it differs from middle school.

“Always be good to other people. No matter what.”

We talked about my grandmas life from when she was born until now. We talked about important people in her life that had a positive impact.

Story of My Mom’s Life

The experiences of my mom through childhood and adulthood. Including school, work, family, and influential people.

Tracy Xie talks about growing up in China and moving to the United States

In this interview recorded on January 2, 2020 in San Antonio, Texas, Venice Xie (15) asks her mom, Tracy Xie (47) about growing up in China and moving to the United States. Mrs. Tracy explains how her childhood was difficult...

A Mom Describes the Whirlwind of Immigrant Life
December 18, 2019 App Interview

A 17-year-old son interviews his mother about her life experiences growing up and how she ended up where she is now, in Irvine, California.

Becoming Pres Family

Missy England talks about what Pres was like when she was there, and what it’s like to watch her daughters follow in her footsteps.

Interview with Alex Pinedo

Alex talked about her different goals and experiences in her life. Alex and I met when I was in 8th grade and she was a freshman because we both were in Music Teaching Careers for Mr. Belyea. Our common interest...

Portola High School – Principal John Pehrson and sophomore Saachi Pavani

Mr. Pehrson, Principal of Portola High School in Irvine, CA, speaks with sophomore Saachi Pavani about his journey to becoming the principal of a new state of the art high school. The conversation highlights how the staff helps students feel...