Interview with my Mother

I sat down with my mom and asked her how her childhood was and questions regarding her life story.

High School Sweethearts

An interview with my big brother and sister in law about their story of being high school sweethearts and how they fell in love. From their first date, being away from each other in college and telling each other what...

The life of my grandma

This spanish interview is about how my grandmother lived her life when she was younger. The difficulties she faced was money wise. In order to have money she started working at a young age.

A small piece of my mother

A short questioning session with my mother about general topics.

Meaningful things in life

What I talked about with my younger brother was important and meaningful things in his life. Wether its relationships, athletics, academics or religion. Things that are important to him and people who are important

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Over Thanksgiving break I interviewed my grandmother. I had her answer many important and meaningful questions. After this interview I learned many important life lessons.

Grandma interview

I loved interviewing my grandma, this lead to great conversations!

My mom

I feel that this interview went well and that I learned a lot I did not know.

Adelle Sims is interviewed by her daughter, Ella Pharo, about her life.

In this interview, my mom and I discussed her childhood, adulthood, found memories, and important historical/ political things that stand out to her. We also talked about our relationship and other personal things that had an impact on her life.

Donato Hernandez Discussing His Life in Guatemala and the United States

In the interview, made on December 3, 2019, Donato Hernandez (39) talks about his childhood where he and his cousins/neighbors played sport (soccer) in the rain and they were blithe because they thought it is fun being in this weather,...

Eric’s epic interview

i interview my mom about great questions

The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2019 with Kitty Part 1

In this interview, Kitty talks about how she wants to be remembered, as someone who loves God, and talks about her life, heavily influenced by religion. She discusses her career and love life, and then she says she wouldn’t change...


The Way A Single Father Has To Be On A Teenage Female

Hi my name is Chloe Howard and I am interviewing my grandma

We talked about happy memories and what she would liked to be remember like

Interview of Boyfriend

We discussed dating in today’s society and how it has changed since our parents’ generation

Dad’s interview

We talked about his and my life!

The Life Of Debra Morton

In this interview you will hear the story of a beautiful and caring lady, who always sought out the best in everyone.

Michael Hoang interview translated to english.

Michael Hoang and his wife met in Vietnam where he’s gone on to love her. They then had a baby where they were a happy family and eventually became grandparents of a smart and kind boy. All of the love...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen- Joseph Ruelas

Today, my mother and I discussed some of the defining moments of her life, and what more she wants to get out of life.

A Janela de Avó Ana

We talked about her life in Portugal and America. She also talked about how she met her husband and what he taught her.