Growing up in Africa, moving to America

Katherine Ketter was born and raised in West Africa, when she was 8 she moved to America, listen to her talk about that experience and her feelings towards it.

Roberta DePoppe and Sean DePoppe

Spouses Sean DePoppe [no age given] and Roberta DePoppe (45) recall the circumstances that brought them together and the unique moments that make their union so special.

6,000 Miles to Freedom

It took about 2 years and 6,000 miles to experience any form of freedom for the first time. On January 5, 2020, 15 year old Kian Salehi asks his mother, Nini Salehi, about her journey to America and the challenges...

My Mom’s journey from Russia to LA

Imagine flying over 6,000 miles, to the other side of the globe and settling in a place you know very little about. This might sound scary to a lot of people. Some people don’t like traveling with little kids because...

A time for change

“It was a time when I felt free.” said Heidi Miller, during the first minute of the interview. On January 6th, 2020, Ella Miller interviewed her mother, Heidi Miller, about living in the 1990s and moving to Los Angeles after...

Summer Ehrig and Jerry Lawrence

Summer Ehrig (25) interviews her grandfather Jerry Lawrence (72) about his upbringing and how he feels about his family's future.

Steven Hennig and Marilyn Hennig

Steven Hennig (58) interviews his mother Marilyn Hennig (86) about her life before and after landing in Yuma.

Unplanned Immigration

“We had to flee. We didn’t plan it, just in a matter of two hours we were out of the country.” My name is Puzant Kiwanian and I am 15 years old. The story you will hear in this recording...

Katie O'Connell and Mary Kennedy

Katie O'Connell (22) interviews her grandmother Mary Kennedy (73) about her life and becoming a mother and grandmother.

Interview with my cousin Zara
January 6, 2020 App Interview

Learning more about my cousin through a series of questions

Sam Henry and his mother Leigh Henry discuss her experiences as a young teacher in Florida.

On January 4, 2020, Sam Henry (15) interviewed his mother Leigh Henry (44) about her first year living on her own teaching at a high school in Tallahassee, Florida. Mrs. Henry speaks about what she did directly out of college...

CP interviews her aunt about living in different places.

In this interview, made 2019 in flemington, New Jersey. Christina Pastor (14) interviews her aunt. We talk about food, fears, and living in new places. She also talks about what it is like to leave her family and live far...

Edward Arvizo and Anibal Tafoya

Edward Arvizo (45) is interviewed by friend and fellow businessman Anibal "AT" Tafoya (40) about his upbringing, influences and the life and business lessons he has learned.

Amanda Coltman and James Schuessler

Amanda Coltman (30) interviews her father James Schuessler (57) about the historical events he's witnessed in his lifetime and their relationship.

A Mom Describes the Whirlwind of Immigrant Life
December 18, 2019 App Interview

A 17-year-old son interviews his mother about her life experiences growing up and how she ended up where she is now, in Irvine, California.

Houston Headed to Houston

My cousin Houston is heading to Houston, TX for her first career as an adult.

Interview with my dad

In this interview, I talk with my dad about his upbringing, life in college, living in the U.S, and how he raised my sister and me.

Interview w/ Dad Libby Connolly

Talked about moving from scotland to canada at the age of ten

A Better Life

In this interview, I spoke with my mom about her life in Mexico and life in the United States

JoAnne Mowczko and William Mowczko

JoAnne Mowczko (73) is interviewed by her husband William "Bill" Mowczko (76) about her upbringing, her educational and career journey and her future goals.

Crossing the street with Mom

I interviewed my mom and asked her about her early life. It turns out that she was a rebellious young kid that liked to cross the road when her mom wasnt looking. She also went to Catholic school for all...

Ellen Goslin, Trina Goslin, and James Goslin

Ellen Goslin (89) tells her son James "Jim" Goslin (66) and daughter-in-law Trina Goslin (65) about her upbringing, her family life, and the advice she has for her grandchildren.