Brother and Sister

Two siblings talk about their relationship and a few of their favorite memories. How they came to be as people, what one another taught each other to be, and funny stories are talked about.

A call from across the country that will make you smile

In this interview my great grandpa, Richard Mast explains his childhood, to his adulthood, and even when he served in the Vietnam War. He expresses the way he met and how he proposed to my late great grandmother (who I...

Talking with Ariana

She is Ariana, a really nice girl from Texas. It was amazing talking with her about her life in general.

"What's your happiest holiday memory"

The Ardiente-Cruz talk about their favorite holiday memories, who the celebrate the holidays with, and the importance of patience.

It’s a good life

Just by talking to my brother in law, one can tell that he has more wisdom than most thirty somethings. He took the brave step of moving away from his home town of Bullhead city to Phoenix, where he wound...


I interviewed my cousin who just finished college and is now happily working.


I interviewed my cousin who just finished college and is now happily working.


I interviewed my twenty year old cousin who is currently in her third year of college.

Lost and found

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to go on a search to find your birth parents? On December 31,2019, in Woodstock Vermont, Tsehay Driscoll sad down to interview her grandmother Titia Ellis to find the answer. Titia...

Sibling reflections

Two sisters discuss growing up and how people have impacted them

My dad’s childhood in Braintree, Massachusetts

In this interview, conducted in January 2020 in Hingham, Massachusetts, Jill Tyrrell (17) interviews her father about his childhood and growing up in a family of 11 children. Mark shares a few funny childhood stories and activities he did when...

Because I was force to do this interview

This is a little fun interviews were you can see siblings being siblings

Joanna Whelan and Nicole Belle

Sisters Joanna Whelan (39) and Nicole "Nicki" Belle (42) remember their late mother, their individual relationships to her and how her absence has affected their mothering.

Emily Garcia and Ricky Garcia

Siblings Emily Garcia (23) and Ricky Garcia (26) discuss the destructive effects alcoholism has had on their family and Ricky's struggles with sobriety.

“Si yo pudiera retroceder el tiempo, lo haría.” (If I could go back in time, I would.)

I interviewed my mother about her growing up as a child in poverty and how that impacted her today. She also talked about the value of family and how you shouldn’t take them for granted, like she told me “Tu...

Interview of Dottie Hanly

My grandmother, Dottie Hanly, had a hard life as many people have had. She grew up with 7 siblings in a small home, many people that were close to her were in the military, and she got cancer. After all...

Amada (Molly) Leaños Talks About Her Life and Important Events that Occurred Shaped it.

Amada Leaños starts with how she grew up in Dallas right next to a quaint church. She spent her childhood with her parents, many siblings, family friends, and the priest next door living very humbly and religiously. Growing up she...

Mom’s Early Childhood

Martha Carroll, interviewed by her son Steve, in December, 2019 about her memories of fairly early childhood in Lexington Virginia.

Karen Watts, Michele Watts, and David Watts

Siblings Karen Watts [no age given], Michele "Gina" Watts (66), and David Watts (61) recall the varied cast of characters that came through the hotel their family owned in Yuma.

Interview with the Irish.

Here I interview my dad about his childhood and what is was like growing up in Europe. He describes living with 10 other siblings and the values his family shared. He then talks about the opportunities that allowed him to...