Living Before Modern Technology

People grow up in the modern world with all sorts of new and fancy technology, but how was it like for someone like my father Kevin Morgan who was in his teenager in the 70s and grew up before this...

Chris O'Brien Jaeger Interview HE9

Christopher O’Brien and his Grandfather, Patrick O’Brien, talk about the advances in technology seen from and older generation. Also, Mr. O’Brien was a navy veteran before the Vietnam war and discusses memories from the past. Being born in Philadelphia would...

Brooke McLaughlin and Her Grandma Geri Lewis talk About a Few Historical Events

In this interview, that took place on January 3rd, 2020 in Doylestown Pennslyvania, Brooke McLaughlin (14) interviews her Grandma Geri Lewis (74). Mrs.Lewis first talks about the differences in gender equality and how her life as a female growing up...

APSUH Interview

I, Emmy Replogle, interview my grandmother, Barbra Gatchel, about her life in American when she was a kid. I used this information to compare to the average life of a teenager now a days. My grandmother and I discussed important...

9th Grade history interview
January 6, 2020 App Interview

Differences in technology from childhood to the workplace

Evolution of Technology and Streaming

Streaming has recently skyrocketed. What result has this caused and why?

memory lane

we talked about his favorite memories and what has kept him motivated his whole life

APUSH Atkeson

Working in the profession of teaching and how it has changed over time.

Interview with Aunt Eva

I ask my Aunt Eva about her experience as a teenager immigrating from Taiwan to the US. She also talks about becoming a mother and finding a job in the US as well as her opinion on technology and fears...

An Interview with my brother Shaan

My brother Shaan and I discuss life, goals, technology, and how times have changed from my generation to his. We touch on similarities and differences between our hobbies, school life, and reliance on technology. At only seven years old, Shaan...

He did it Paul’s Way

“Regrets, have had a few but then again too few to mention, I did it my way”, A young boy who grew up in Canada with his 2 siblings and 2 parents became one of the youngest self-made singer/songwriters in...

Evolution of technology

For my mass communications project I interviewed my sister on the evolution of technology from her viewpoint through her upbringing.

The Impacts Changing Media has on Salespeople.

Breanna Doyle, senior consultant of Pampered Chef, talked about her experience with how different forms of media changed her experience within her occupation.

Grace Murphree and father John Murphree Discuss the Difference of Their Upbringings in Plano, Texas.

In this interview, a father and daughter talked about how their upbringings were different and similar by sharing their memories and opinions of the subject. In the total, the agreed on many ideas of how the US has changed and...

Tech Moving Forward: A story of technology and it’s relation to communications

Living in a technology filled society, Professor Rudy Lopez from Virginia Commonwealth University is interviewed on his experience and life through a changing world. As technology became advanced, communications continually changed as well. Professor Lopez goes in-depth of his experience...


An interview from the older generation to the youth about technology.

Human Communication Interview

Kelina talking with Dylan about his dad, technology and life

A Discussion about Childhood and Education – Then and Now

In this interview with my dad, we talk about his childhood and educational experience. We discuss some of the challenges my dad faced from living in a small town, and how he overcame those obstacles. We also talk about how...