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Basic Ideas in Writing

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The Great Thanksgiving Listen – Tommy Farrell

Tommy Farrell (18) talks with his mother, Sharon Farrell (49) about his childhood and how his parents met.

Brenny and Amanda Clare Interview

My mom, Amanda, and I talk about the past, present, and future. Covering a range of topics from the day I was born through COVID struggles, lots of ups and downs are discussed. She shares the struggles of parenting and...

Interview with My Dad!

I interviewed my dad, Frank Pittman. We discussed a range of things. We began by talking about his earliest childhood memories and his most vivid memories. Then, my question about his greatest accomplishment led to a familial discussion, most notably,...

Christa and Clare StoryCorps Interview

Clare and her mom, Christa, discuss the past and future of their lives. Christa describes her life at Boston College, where Clare is also going to attend this Fall. She recalls her fondest and least fondest memories alongside how she...

The Professional Idea of Writing a Scoring College Dissertation – AssignmentsExperts

When writing a dissertation for college or university, you are probably staring at a blank sheet of paper. You may be wondering how on earth you will find what is bursting inside your head under words. This glowing cursor on...

Stuart and Daniel Munro

Stuart Munro (66) talks with his son Daniel Munro (30) about their childhoods, adulthoods, and plans.

Interview with my grandmother

My grandmother and I discussed her childhood, her life, and her children. We also discussed psychotherapy and what it has brought to her life as a psychotherapist.

Early habits lead to long term success

Mrs. F talks about her early life all the way up to her present life and goals for her future.

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THEATER assignment

I interviewed my godmother Genie Navarro. We discussed life lessons, journeys and people in her life.


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Anaiya ima i Family Project Interview

This interview is private.

Project Introduction

Executive Producer Nichelle S. Carr (Class of 1998) introduces the Black Women of Amherst College Storytelling Project

English Interview Project

A discussion with my dad about his career as an English professor.

Oral History

I interviewed one of my best friends that I met last year. We know about each other well but haven’t touched on some of the topics spoken about so this interview was a success.

Jack Wisk and his father Matt Wisk talks about his work life, his childhood, and traveling around the world.

In this interview conducted in Orinda, California, Jack Wisk interviews his father Matt Wisk about his unique work life, his childhood, and his experiences when traveling around the world. Matt talks about growing up in Detroit in the 60's as...

Relationships and Situations

This interview it’s with my roommate Gabriella and one of my best friends. We talk about love and relationships and situationships. Along with growth through understanding significant others and working through issues.

StoryCorps Interview- Kenneth Randolph

In this we talked about who and what motivates her and what she is proudest of in her life regarding school and relationships.


Jim’s year living with a dozen friends.

Aahaan Malik and Ajay Malik

Ajay Malik (47) speaks with his son, Aahaan Malik (18), about his early life growing up as a young boy in India and the difficulties and hardships he endured as he immigrated to the United States. He also discusses how...

3 Generations of Cutler, Cope, and Pangerl girls discuss life, love, loss, and the humor of family

Paige (15), Sheri (47), and EvaDawn (82) talk about the hard and hilarious moments in life. My favorite hilarious story is at 10:00-13:30. We discuss childhood and the struggles growing up in very different places in the United States, different...