Learning about a grandparent’s history.

In this interview, I talked with my nana about her upbringing, her parents, and her life growing up. We also talked about family, friends and, jobs.

Love/Marriage with Mackenzie

Here we have my friend Kenzie joining me to talk about things from love, marriage, virginity, sexism, and more.

Laura Gabbert and Ingrid Avery

Mother-Daughter interview exploring parenthood, sexism, and divorce.


In this interview I interviewed my mother we talked about her childhood her family and some deeper questions at the end as well.

Grandma Ginny Sample initial interview

This interview briefly covered Ginny's early years growing up in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York, plus her time in Tacoma and Olalla, WA. She discusses fond memories, family, and friends.

Interview with Dad on creativity, love, gratitude and parenting

Jessica Clark (43) talks with her father Paul Redstone (82) about creativity, relationships, love, and parenting. Paul Redstone is a still practicing psychiatrist, "art explorer", and active participant in his world and family.

Made to be true to yourself

Mary talks with members of the Colorado Episcopal Service Corps about life lessons she has learned and the role religion and community has played in her life

Yushin Kim interviews Cailey Beck

Yushin Kim (17) interviews his friend Cailey Beck on swimming, being the villain in another person's story, and the many incredibly stupid people in this world.

The Secret To Being Happy is Your Own

In this interview recorded on April 2020 in Orange, California Karina Ochoa (25) interviews Beverly Weatherill (92) and discuss her stories about her career. Mrs. Beverly talks about how she created the curriculum for the Fullerton District for Health and...

Lizzie Hessek and Veronica Fischmann Talk About Stability and Drama During a Pandemic.

Lizzie Hessek (31) and Veronica Fischmann (32) - best friends since ages 11 and 12 - talk about their current lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. Veronica is back living in her childhood home, Lizzie is living alone for the first...

Interview with dad

I spoke with my dad and asked him some questions about his life

Morality and Injustice Action Project

My mother talks about how difficult it was after her divorce while also raising two kids.

Interview with Cousin Joan

Interview about her childhood, first job, and things that impacted her life greatly

Single love

We talked about Dan Eno’s life as a single parent and as a young teen in the country. He also spoke about his college life and how he coped with having a full time job and two small children. Christina...

Going from Mantained to Making Money Moves

This is the story of how my 65 year grandmother came to the United States and was able to provide for her and her children.

Muriel Pierce Interview Person

Alex Hatzakos interviews Muriel Pierce about her life.


Practice interview with Mackenzie for Capstone class

SOC 110 Interview, Henry Silberberger interviewing David Silberberger

David Silberberger, my father, describes his personal upbringing as a child. This interview includes a strong focus on past experiences and the values they have instilled, with regards to my dad's religious socialization and my grandparent's divorce.

Libby Harrington and Josephine Potter

Libby Harrington (44) interviewed Josephine Potter (38) about the impact her former husband's incarceration had on her young family.

Mom’s Memoir

A summary and recap of the childhood and life of a mother of 5 children