Coach Goodman and I discussed how she wants to not only be remembered but overall her impact on life and overall joys she finds

The Influence We Have Over Our Own Happiness

This interview encompasses several key words of wisdom in life, particularly in how to promote happiness in one’s own life through how we perceive the people and things around us.

Matt Cook and Jason Clausing
March 29, 2021 App Interview

Matt and Jason talk about all things life and how we have grown over the last few years

Ebby Barber: February 7, 2021

I interviewed my sister Ebby about her life philosophy and how she likes to live her daily life.

Mommies Past

We talked about my mother’s past and how her life is now.

Storyboard Covid Interview

I sat down and talked with my mom about advice she has for me and the pandemic’s effect. She had a lot to say about finding happiness in life. My mom is a firm believer in making your own decisions...


This is the best interview you will ever listen to in your life!

Interview with my grandpa

During this interview I asked my grandpa (Baba) personal questions about family, mistakes, regrets, religion, and other interesting things.

Christmas Day

interviewing my grandma on christmas

Kathrine Lindsay and Samantha Makuch

Kate Lindsay (16) asks a family friend (and her first grade teacher) Samantha Makuch about her childhood and happiest parts of her life. 2020-12-20 14:29:49

Interview with my boyfriend through FaceTime

Due the the pandemic, I conducted an interview with my boyfriend over FaceTime. He talked about the important people in his life and the memories he shares. He shares his successes as well as his hard times and has a...

Coltons interview

Interviewed my significant other. He opens up a bit about his happy moments, sad moments, biggest influence and regrets.

Jenny Rask interviews Gene Rask about his life and growing up in Portland, Oregon.

Jenny Rask: 2020-12-16 02:49:27 Jenny Rask interviews Gene Rask about his life and growing up in Portland, Oregon. We start off talking about the Covid vaccine and if we will be able to see each this Christmas Eve for our...

Heidi and her mom Deidre Mick discuss her childhood, and important people and moments in her life.

In this interview, made on December 13, 2020 in Naperville IL, Heidi Mick (13) interviews Deidre Mick (49) about important events and people in her life. Deidre talks about how her childhood has greatly affected her life, and what her...

John Holt

We talked about the people in johns life and memories he values most.

Growing up with a mental disorder

My interviewee and I talked about what it was like growing up with a mental disorder and how she got through the tough times . The interview was conducted on December 6th, 2020 . My interviewee is a happily married...

the great thanksgiving listen

Tiffani interviewed her aunt Julie at her home on December 7, 2020. Tiffani and her aunt Julie talked about her diffcult childhood and what she did during the summer in vietnam. They also talked about Julie's mother alittle bit. Finally,...

Memories of Life

This interview was conducted in Spanish and a little bit of English. My mother shared information about her most memorable memories in life and she shared some valuable words of wisdom that I will take with me wherever I go....

Me and my nana

I’m interview my grandmother and asking her what she did when she was my age and how she developed into the person she is today and also knowing more about her dad which is my great grandad

Oral History

We spoke about divorce, family life, happy moments, and hard, difficult times.

Interview with Terence Hughes

Interviewing my dad and asking him questions about his work and his life.