THTR 3300 class section 70 StoryCorps assignment

Daniel and I

questions for my boyfriend btw the day later he asked me to marry him for real.

Growing up & School

Today I had interviewed my boyfriend. I had asked him a series of questions about him growing up and about his school.

Theater Project

Interviewing my boyfriend after having a few drinks. He never opens up to me so I wanted to see what he would say!

Henry’s interview

Asking my boyfriend about thanksgiving, why and who he’s thankful for.

Lamb_Madison Week 3 Interview

This is a conversation I had with my boyfriend of 2 years who stepped in as a father figure for my son.

My classmates interview

Answers questions about the life of the person or know something of the person

Interview with Jake Moser

I did this interview with my boyfriend, Jake Moser. We chatted about things like ambitions, school, memories, and other random things.

Rocky Wagner, the love of my life part 2

Today I interviewed my boyfriend about his life. He’s an extremely good and inspirational person to me and I believe he deserved a time to tell the world his story. Enjoy.

Hunter Hammett

Hunter talks about his life and what he has learned throughout and what he wants people to know about him.

"I wouldn't ever want to forget those memories."

As I interview my mother, DeAnna Toyn, she explains some of her happiest memories, as well as her most difficult. She also explores some of her regrets and how she wants to be remembered.


just an interview going on with her life

Art project

I interviewed my boyfriend for an art project


Our relationship and how much we connect.

Summer time

Asked my friend Logan some questions about a statue and his grandparents he’s a lovely person.

Oral History Project

I chose to interview my sister for my oral history project.

Love & Relationships
November 25, 2019 App Interview

We talked about the relationship in love. She share his boyfriend in love


Interview with boyfriend 2019

Interview with Victoria Serradet

Victoria and I spoke about our friendship as well as she spoke about her struggles at home.

Photo interview

Interviewing about the things that make my interviewee him