Taiwan to America: Lessons Passed Down

This interview was done with my mother who moved to the United States for graduate school. She grew up in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Thanks to modern technology, in this interview, I video called my mom, who went back to her hometown...

Opinions towards New Malaysia

I’ve interviewed Mr Tan Chia Yong from 8TV about his opinions towards New Malaysia.

New Malaysia

I’m going to interview Mr. Woo, who works for electronic design about the New Malaysia.

Merdeka 2018 & New Malaysia

A conversation with Tonnie, a UTAR Broadcasting student about Merdeka 2018 and the meaning to him now in the so-called New Malaysia.

A discussion about my 1-minute individual video assignment

Ms Xin Yi and Mr Jian Liang who are my coursemates were invited as my interviewees and we were discussing about my individual video assignment, “Aku Cafe & Gallery in Petaling Street”. They gave me a lot of comments with...

Discussion on video assignment

I had an interview with three of my coursemates who are Wai Jie, Jing Xuan and Huey Sin to discuss about my video assignment.

Reflection about an event, Making Waves

A conversation with Jing Xuan, a student who is also studying the same course as me (Bachelor of Communication (Hons) in Broadcasting Degree) in UTAR Sungai Long Campus with a topic of reflection about an event, Making Waves, from my...

My reflection about UTAR Bachelor of Broadcasting (Hons)

I was interviewed by Mr. Jian Liang who is my coursemate. This interview is included my opinions about broadcasting course and my learning experience in UTAR.

Interview with Director Quek

This interview is about the experiences working in media or film industry, and the change in the working environments and technologies for a director. The director that I ha interviewed for is Director Quek Shio Chuan, graduated UTAR broadcasting senior....

Director Lien Chien Hung

A conversation with Director Lien Chien Hung, who is an independent Director who came from Taiwan, about his ten years experiences working in the media and broadcasting industry.

Conversation with a producer, Ms. Linda.

I am interviewing with Ms. Linda about her working experiences in the media and broadcast industry.

Interview In Petaling Street

This in interview in about the change of Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur from the past until now. This interview is carry out with the owner of Bunn Choon (品泉) and a uncle I meet at Bunn Choon. **Sorry that the...

Lien Chien Hung, a Taiwan Independent Director

A conversation with an independent Director who came from Taiwan, about his ten years experiences working in the media an broadcasting industry and his opinion about the changes in this industry with new technologies.

I write scripts.

Dennis Lai Chain Ming is a scriptwriter that attended “Making Waves” event held in UTAR Sg Long Campus.

Petaling Street Experience

There is a lot difference between nowadays and long time ago in Petaling Street

Interview in Petaling Street

Interviewing with Mrs Tan, who is one of the owner in a kopitiam, about her experience in Petaling Street.

Petaling Street Interview

This interview is about Madam Yap’s working experiences in Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur.

Broadcast media in General Election 14 VS Broadcast media in General Election of 30 years ago

A conversation with May, who is my friend’s mother, about her experiences with the General Election 14 especially on how she sees the mainstream broadcast media now compared to her experiences with the broadcast media in Malaysia 30 years ago.

Interview with my neighbour about GE14

This is the interview with Madam Goh, my Sungai Long hostel neighbour about her experience in GE14.

Experiences on GE14

Interviewing Mrs Tan about her experiences on GE14