Grandpa’s Interview

Grandpa talks about his experience playing music and his time serving in the air force.

Operation Enduring Freedo,

This is an interview over operation enduring freedom. I interview Casey Hagee a retired air orce veteran and a family friend.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I love my dad, he’s goofy and was so scared for this interview but I’m excited for the future when I can look back and hear this recording again. I would’ve talked longer but I could tell he was feeling...


Marc Prevette and Molly Prevette disscused marriage, childhood, and military life.

Minerva soliz

I, Violetta Fajardo, asked my grandma some questions about her life and what she has to say

Thanksgiving oral history assignment- Ryan Partrick

Talking to my grandad about his life in the military, his farming experiences and his thanksgiving experiences

My interview with Papa

We talked a lot about his childhood and his parents and then transitioned more into talking about the Air Force and his passion for flying.

Marie Gross – June 30, 2019

This was a nice talk. Mom was a little apprehensive at first because she’s not much for talking about herself, but we started having fun once we got going.

Interview with Kenneth Replogle

His childhood growing up. Time in the Air Force. Memories from the military.

Tommy in Vietnam

Tommy Wagner tells his story of being in the Air Force during Vietnam.

Ralph Jaeger

This is an interview with my father, Ralph Jaeger, who was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and was an Air Force officer and a Lutheran pastor and raised four children with his wife, Margaret.

WH Interview

I spoke to Richard Evers about his service experiences and other life stories.

A Plane, Christmas, and 20 Drunk Colonels

My grandfather served in the Vietnam War, and in 1965 he headed home for Christmas on leave. It did not go well.

Dad’s time at Kunsan Air Base

Korea Defense Veteran describes his time in the Wolf Pack along with other stories from this deployment.

Chief master Sargent loften

Had a lot of acheivements during the Air Force. And had the metals to prove it.

Interview with Gary Roeder
January 27, 2019 App Interview

I interviewed Gary Roeder because he was a pilot and I thought it was interesting so I talked with him about his job as a pilot.

Desert Storm

This is a story about my mothers time in desert storm. Her experience and how she felt