Military Service

During this interview, we spoke about my mom’s service in the military. What she enjoyed most and her not so enjoyable moments. We also spoke about her transition from military to civilian life.

Leah Aureli Interviewing Charles Wells

Me and my grandfather talked about his childhood and how he grew up. We also mentioned his time in the military and how it was significant in his life.

21 Years in the Military

CW2 Tony Campbell has served 21 years in the Army. He shares his experiences throughout his years of service. This includes the two combat tours he has seen and the hardships he has faced.

R. John Bache Family History

In this interview John Bache reflects on his parents’ immigration story and the foundation of his family, his childhood in Los Angeles, his professional life, the influence of others, and the impact he has had on others.

Inside View of Military Life

In our interview we discussed an inside view of military life from a woman’s perspective. We also discussed the transitions to and from military life along with how her experiences shaped her into the woman she is today.

Jeff’s Army Story

My father was a combat medic in the years before and during the Gulf War. This is his story.

Women’s Stereotypes in the Military

A glimpse into the life of a woman in the military. A discussion of stereotypes in the modern military.

The great thanksgiving listen
November 27, 2017 App Interview

We talked about my Pappy’s life,his career,his life when he was in the military,and what he thinks of me.

LTC Retired Dave Greene Interview

Dave Greene served as a Military Intelligence officer in the Army after receiving a direct commission. Here, he shares the story of his career and some of the memorable people he met along the way.

Military Voices Initiative with Tressa Jilek

Tressa Jilek talked answered questions about her experiences in the Army as a Quartermaster Officer. She started her career as an enlisted soldier in the Army Reserves and earned a commission through ROTC.

Family’s story

How my family’s experience in the military shaped who my family is today

Two Memorable Parachute Jumps from His Career

Collins Wynn recounts 2 parachute jumps that he made. One was with a round military chute and included a landing into trees. The other was not a military jump. That jump was with with a skydiver style chute. On the...