Father’s Day

Met up with Dad on Father’s Day and had a nice chat

Jackson Simmons interviewing his grandma, Suzon Simmons, about how the world has changed through the years of her life.

My grandma, Suzon Simmoms, and myself, Jackson Simmons, sat down at her house in Flint, Michigan, on Sunday, November 25, 2018, and talked about her life. My grandma is 76 years old. She has been through a lot and has...

Jacob Petty and his Great Grandma talk about happiness and family members.

In this interview, conducted on November 26th 2018 in Flint, Michigan, Jacob Petty (15) interviews his Great Grandma Janet Williams(76)about her happiest memories, and what it was like growing up in the 1950’s. Ms.Williams shares stories about her husband and...

Me and my uncle talk about his life

Myself Samuel Villa and my uncle Venancio Torres talk about his past experiences of his life. My uncle studies a lot of religion and other stuff like that. He also is retired from 30 years of working for General Motors.

The old Flint: The great Thanksgiving listen 2017

Jajuan and Rochelle cover topics ranging from early life in michigan, to war, to current generations from the perspective of two close friends separated only by generations.

Jasiri Kemp and his grandmother, Belinda Kemp, talk about life growing up in Flint, Michigan.

This interview, recorded in November 2017 in Flint, Michigan, Jasiri Kemp (15) and his grandmother, Belinda Kemp(60), talks about childhood life, work, and family all growing up in Flint. Ms. Kemp tells stories of her son, my father, as a...

Who is James Dollinger?

Lily Dollinger (15) interviews her father James Dollinger (59) in Flint, Michigan. He talks about the importance of family and the influence his children have had on him. Also, he expresses the memories he has from growing up in New...

Beatrice Walton interview with grandma and grandpa

In this interview we mainly talked about the childhood of my grandparents and what there life was like.

Interview with Beatrice Walton’s grandma

In this interview I talked with my grandma about what her life was like. We discussed any regrets she might of had in life and what her childhood was like.