Dad interview

How my dad cares a lot about his kids and how they have helped him


today i interviewed my dad about his life and problems

Questions about childhood

This was about my aunts childhood and how her life was back then

Gratitude of Attitude Ryan Sharak

About my family and The loving care threw my family and a little bit about of what goes on in my family.

Thanksgiving Interview

We talked about Lee’s childhood and things he did growing up


We talked about his personal life. Of how his childhood was like and what he been through. Also his happies moments in life. This was a very interesting interview about my friend. I got to know more stuff about him...

Harryiah interviews Mrs. Celia Preshon

Important things to learn about one an another. Always listen to what your partner has to say it can be really important.

The Burner Interview

This was a Interview between Michael Stevenson and Antonio Ramirez we got a little closer after today (:

World History Victoria Delgado

In this interview, we talked about childhood and looking back as a teen.

My tia

This was about my tia and the questions I asked her.


We talked about how my mom’s life was as a little kid.


What we talked about was how growing up to do good things in life will have a good impact on you in the future