Earl Bennett talks about life going up in East Brunswick New Jersey

Morgan Dew(13) and Earl Bennett (76) Sat down and talked about life as a child and his childhood. Also about his time in the military during The Vietnam War

Life is forgiving

We talked about me and my mothers life together. And growing up with my single mother.

Interviewing Someone of Importance

Today I have decided to interview my sister. We discussed the things she was proud of me for.

Mary and Shoshana

This is an interview I did with Mary who used to babysit me, and who now cleans our house. She is one of my best friends, and this is her talking about her life.

Marriage Psychology

This is an interview or my parents who have been married for around 28 years.

Chatting with my dad

I’m doing this as an English class project. I am simply chatting with my dad and asking him some questions that interest me about him

Interviewing my aunt

We talked about her childhood and what she did for fun. We also talked about her relationship life.

Interviewing Mom about Self Image

We talked about what it means to be unique, as well as contributions to forming an identity.

Days Gone By

Martin, an eleven year old boy, was having a good life with friends and family he enjoyed. When, suddenly, a traumatic experience occurs that affects the rest of his life forever.

Remembering My Grandpa

I interviewed my dad about his father who passed away because of cancer. He was a very fun and kind person who I only knew for 8 years.

An interview, about my Grandmother’s life.

My grandmothers life, her loves, her early years, and advice she wanted to share to her family.

Interview, My Mom’s Experience of Life

In this interview we talked about my moms experience in life and some good and bad memories and some advice she would want to share with future generations listening to this interview.

Mom interview

We talked about when I was born, what I was like, and what her happiest memory was of me.

Thanksgiving listen

We mainly talked about the experiences she had when she was younger and how it affected her as she grew in age

History (H) Project – Interview
November 29, 2018 App Interview

I interviewed my grandma and we talked about her life, asking some simple questions about her growing up.