Basketball community interview

I ask my oldest sister Rachel questions about her basketball career.

Greenstein – Dad & Daughter

A dad and his adult daughter talk about the happy moments early in his first marriage, overcoming shyness, and being bullied

The Important Goals In Life

To start off, I simply interview my sister asking her questions about her life and college life. I feel like this I didn’t know about her I know understood because she explained in this interview.

The Importance Of Life

In this interview I’m speaking to my cousin about his life experiences and how he became the person he is now.

Conversation with my “mom”

I interviewed my aunt who I also see as my second mom. This allowed me to learn more about her life and past.

Service Learning Project

I interviewed my Dad named Edwin. This opportunity has helped me gain a better understanding of the purpose to life.

Interview 1

Talked about growing up in a different culture and the challenges of doing so. What it’s like growing up in a different culture than the most of us at Texas A&M.

Interview With my 89 year-old Grandpa

My Grandpa was born in 1930. We talked about everything from the start of WWII to him going on road trips with my Grandma and all of their kids. We even talked about who he voted for in the 1948...

Dad interview

From this interview I learned about how my dad went to many catholic schools and was a good friend. I also learned about his many dreams for art and that he liked volunteering for many things when growing up. Sadly...

my tia jessica

i talked about what was her favorite thing that has happend to her