Jeannine Widener’s StoryCorps interview with Michelle Nichols at the Elyria, Ohio YWCA.

I interviewed Michelle Nichols and asked her questions about her life experiences. She revealed parts of her life I was not expecting. My advice when conducting a StoryCorps interview with someone you know little about is……. “Everyone has untold stories...

A message from Sanford

Sanford humbly gives some details of his heroic acts, and some basic facts about his life. His account of his life is astounding, yet he takes no credit for being such a hero.

YWCA Service Learning for LCCC

Pam is a recovering alcoholic living in the YWCA’s housing program. She is making great strides to recover and become self sufficient once again and is truely grateful for the help at has received from the YWCA.

Ann O’Keefe graduated from college in the 1950s and went on to get her PhD. Wow! I wanted to find out more.

My sister-in-law Ann O’Keefe is now retired from a mostly D.C.-based career, primarily with federal agencies and the Pentagon, where she was involved with the beginnings of Head Start as well as with the start of the Dept of the...