Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about her chilhood and her teenage life. We also talked about her life as a young adult.

Interview with John Schuiteman storycorps summer 2018

Interview with John Schuiteman storycorp summer 2018 state your name: and what part of the country did you grow up: what is your heritage, ethnicity & culture? do you have a belief system and how do you relate? do you...

Nancy Edelman- Storycorps Interview 6-15-2018

State you name, occupation and where you live. What is your culture, ethicity & heritage? Tell me about your family, let me in on what family means to you. How important are these people in your life? I am trying...

RVM Ilana Rubenfeld Part 2
October 25, 2017 App Interview

Part 2. A life of integrating the mind and the body. The importance of not giving up, but being realistic as you follow your dreams