Preserving The Past: Allie Sansone and Nancy Fennell

Allie Sansone interviews Grandma, Nancy Fennell concerning her life and those of her grandparents and parents. In addition, Grandma Fennell recounts career motivations and memories regarding her children (my Mother and Uncle). Grandma Nancy also discussed her challenges from being...

Bev Freimuth 7.23.2020

A good interview to talk about Grandma Bev’s life, childhood and family.

Stories from Vi Peterson

I talked with my grandma mainly about her childhood and the past.

101-Year-Old Arnold Duevel Talks about a Century of Life

Arnold Duevel talks about growing up in Central Minnesota. Born in 1918, he shares vivid memories of his childhood and teen-aged years. A decorated World War II veteran, Arnold has led a long and momentous life.


Growing up in 1970s and 1980s in a white community.

Jack’s First Serious Hospital Visit

My dad is a man of few words. He answers immediately and without hesitation except when the tears come on it is hard to continue for him. But he is strong, he has always been strong.

Lisa Oakley (Grandma)

I decided to interview my grandma about her family and learned more about her past and what she learned in her younger years.

“I use to put snakes in my neighbors mail boxes.”

The childhood of my grandma Pat, and what she did growing up. Along with the silly stories, and memories of her family. Grace Johnson (15yrs) & Patrica Pero (70yrs). November 15th, 2017.