Superando la muerte de una Madre

Fernando, un joven de 20 años, nos comenta sobre el momento más difícil de su vida, la muerte de su madre. Explica lo que el vivió y da recomendaciones a aquellas personas que están pasando por lo mismo.


Registrando algunos detalles de nosotras

UMD Activation Academy: Sentinel Swamp

She is very passionate about preversing the environment, both in community service with Scholars in Action and in her studies as an Environmental Science and Policy major. Her AP Environmental class in high school and her experience of one of...


Maria Pizarro tells about her childhood and immigration from Ecuador to the United States. She’s grateful for the family God gave her and wishes the best for her children and future generations to come.

My roots Interview

This interview involves my mom talking about her childhood memories and relationships with family .

Interviewing My Grandfather

This interview was conducted in Virginia via Facstime. In this interview there was a series of questions asked in Spanish about my Grandfathers childhood and life leading up to marriage.

Thanksgiving Listen MR-WCC

A grandmother, her son and her grandson speak about her early life, living in Quito, Ecuador in the early 1940’s.

My Grandma’s Life Story

In this interview, my grandma talks about her young life in Ecuador and when she marries at the age of 18. She then starts her new life in the United States and begins her journey becoming a wife and a...

Interview with Amparo Nader

Interview with Amparo Nader about her life in Quito, Ecuador as a teenager and then in the United States as an adult.

-Motthallv Making history project-

In this interview , conducted in October 2,2018 in Bronx New York . I have interviewed my sister Katherin Flores about her expierences from coming from Ecuador to America and having a different life then she expected . My sister...

Kate Barlow OT interview

Interview with Occupational Therapy Professor and Global Advocate for feeding disorders Dr Kate Barlow

My Grandparent’s Story

My grandparents and I talked about their journey coming here to America. We talked about if they felt proud of where they are now and if they feel that they are living up to the American Dream.

Charlie Szur and Michaela Brenner

turning one of our many facetime chats into an interview where i ask Charlie about his childhood, his college experience, and what it means to go home to an unaccepting culture.

A Look Back: “I can’t move on yet”

My step mother and I looked back at her life as a child and she told me how she didn’t have a mother figure growing up and how that impacted her life. She also talks about how she feels years...


This was an interview with my father regarding his high school career and early adulthood

Mr. Wilson Pesantez talks about growing up as a teenager, his grandparents, and offers advice to future generations.
November 29, 2017 App Interview

Mr. Pesantez talked about the valuable lessons that his grandmother taught as a child, and that he still practices to this day: respect towards everyone especially our elders. He goes on to talk about his wonderful experiences in his home...

Project Interview with my mom

We mostly seemed to talk about the education and decisions my mom made in her life. Coming to America was a really big deal, and it changed our lives. Focusing on religion was also a big deal, as it made...

Interview with Rosa Guzman

She talked about her life, growing up, and her happiest memories.

The life of Katty

I’ve interviewed my mother and asked her about her life growing up in Ecuador. And I found more out about her life and journey to America.

Interview: My Mom

Here I interview my mother about her brief life in Ecuador and as that of an immigrant in the United States

Dad and daughter

How his family was like when he was a child. And many traditions celebrated in his homeland Ecuador.

Our Favorite Places

Grandma and I have traveled a lot, and we love telling each other about our adventures. When she was in some of these places, it was before small cameras and cell phones so I am so lucky that I get...