Story Corp Interview with my Mom

My mom and I talked about the terms “success” and “failure” and how they are impacted by personal experiences

Interviewing my aunt

We talked about her childhood and what she did for fun. We also talked about her relationship life.

Razan Abdelaziz and her life so far…

Razan Abdelaziz spends today, November 25, 2018, in Alexandria, Virginia, talking to me about the past, and memories she holds dearest to her heart. Although many of the memories she spoke about were familiar to me, I did learn many...

Patricia Crowley talks about her life

Me and my grandma talked about what her life was like, funny and interesting stories, and important life lessons that she has learned.

Beryl Marin- India

Sarah Katherine Hugo talks with Beryl Marin about her experience as an immigrant to the United States from India.


We talked about her life as a teacher as well as happily married like with her her husband.

GTL 2017 with my grandfather CHS Rollet PT 2

This interview was conducted between me and my grandfather. Unfortunately this recording ended abruptly as well, but there will be no part 3 to continue this interview. Thanks for listening!

GTL 2017 with my grandfather CHS Rollet PT 1

This interview was conducted with me and my grandfather on December 3rd. However, the interview was abruptly ended and there will be a part 2 to this interview

The Great Thanksgiving Listen-Daniel Walkup

The Great Thanksgiving Listen interview conducted on November 25th