“I’ll Never Stop Being Proud Of You”

As a child, Tara felt the need to be perfect in every way. She decided to interview her mother to discuss how her mother’s high expectations and OCD like behavior affected her self-esteem. Her mother, Sheryl, reassured her that she...

Talks with grandma

We talked about my grandma’s childhood. She also gave some life advice and wisdom.


My mom sat down to talk to me about how growing up in a big midwestern family shaped her into who she is today and how moving to California changed her life for the better.

Introduction to Grandpa Smith

Grandpa Smith’s reflections on work ethic…… what it was for him and the mind set for being a good worker.

The career reflections of a centenarian

My 100-year-old grandfather’s reflections on his education and career in chemical engineering—before and after WWII.

“Donkey Doo-Doo”

We talked about Ms. Darlene Murray’s life and she shared her wisdom. She’s an absolute warrior and a dear, dear friend.

Immigration Interview: Bito

Catarino Salazar, 93 years of age, talks about his travels to America.

Life lessons with Mimi

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Fishers, Indiana, Stuart Nicholas (18) interviews his mother Amy Nicholas (21) 😉 about her legacy and past experiences and memories. Amy shares stories about her old job, and the day she met...


I interviewed my grandma who was born and raised Alexandria, Indiana. We talked about her childhood and being raised around the lake. Being the first house on the block to have a Tv.


This is an interview between me and my mom, just a overall summary of us and our life.

Julie and Greg Allen

Greg and Julie talk about family, faith, and growing up in a wonderful home.

Catching up with my Older Brother

During the interview, I caught up with my older brother, Noah. Since he’s been off at college, I haven’t been able to communicate with him as often. I had an amazing time speaking with him.

U.S history

I talked to my mom about meeting my dad and becoming a parent.

US Steel: Pickle Department

My grandmother, Nancy Pena, recalls her time working at US Steel in Gary, IN.

Grandma Mary

This is my father talking about his relationship and his memories with his mother before she passed away.