Gabriel’s Childhood and Military Service

This interview is about Gabriel’s childhood and connecting it to his military experience. He discusses his early life, school, basic training, and his actually military service. #SHSCOWBOYS

Dads interview

My dad, John Piccinin, speaks about his experience in the military, as a parent, and a person. Questions were asked specifically to understand his point of view in his life.

Jihan Daman and Syma Mohammed

Syma Mohammed (33) talks with her conversation partner Jihan Daman (53) about leaving Iraq as a refugee at age 13, her four years spent in Greece, her time in high school in Michigan, and the work she does with refugees...

Questions with a fellow Classmate

This interview is between two classmates while they converse about questions that are important to them.

Michael Phillips and Sara Phillips

Sara Phillips (33) has a Conversation with her husband, Michael Phillips (35), about his decision to join the Army National Guard, what deployment to Iraq was like, and how his military service helped shape the person he is today.

Rick Reyer and Yauo Yang

Friends, Rick Reyer (59) and Yauo Yang (39), have a conversation about how Yauo came to live in Wisconsin, his service in the United States Army, and his path to becoming a Church Planter.

Justice Castañeda and Ben LeRoy

Long time friends, Justice Castañeda (40) and Ben LeRoy (44), talk about how they met, highlighting Justice's journey from troubled youth, to United States Marine, to being named the Executive Director of Common Wealth Development.

Jessica Davis and Akua Jackson

Jessica "Rene" Davis (39) talks with her friend Akua Jackson (42) about her upbringing in Delaware and her decision to enlist in the army. She shares memories of basic training, Advanced Individual Training (AIT), and combat, as well as some...

Debra Gipson and Kenneth Moss

Debra Gipson (53) talks with her pastor and friend, Kenneth Moss (65), about her experience as an African American woman in the military. She discusses her decade of time in the military and shares stories of times when she exerted...

Interview to my Dad

I talked with my dad about his time in the army and what it was like

The Gulf War

The Gulf War resulted from Iraq’s attempted invasion and occupation of Kuwait on August 2, 1990. Iraqi President Saddam Hussein wanted to annex Kuwait for its rich oil reserves, for the debt Iraq owed to Kuwait, and merely to show...

Jido and I

In this interview, my grandpa and I learned about each other. I learned more about my dad and his childhood. I also learned about his love life and my great grandparents. This interview brought my grandpa and I closer and...

Interview with my dad

This is my dad Sam. He had a pretty good life back home in Iraq until he was required to join the Iraq army at the age of 18. After hating it for about 10 years he had to find...

Reza Zandi talk about growing up in Kerman,Iran, and his experience during the Iranian revolution.

My Dad talked about his experience during the Iranian Revolution, and what was going on back then. He also explained to me more in detail about the Iran-Iraq war, and what it was like living during that time when there...

PTSD and Me: How Poetry saved me from Suicide

Erika Land and Aissatou Sidime-Blanton discuss that PTSD the Erika suffered as part of her U.S. military service as a pharmacy technician and how poetry, and producing her one-woman play (“PTSD and Me/At ease. Not today PTSD.”), has helped her...

Veterans connect

John hildebrand is my dad. He is corpsman in the Navy. He was in the military for 25 years. He told me lots of funny storys in his time like the time he was called old or the time when...

Joe Langford, former Air Force crew chief, shares his experience being in the United States Air Force.

Joe Langford, an Iraq and Operation Enduring Freedom veteran, shares his story in an interview with high school sophomore Savannah McCool. Langford speaks on his deployment, his retirement from the military, and the difference between military and civilian life.

Chris Bussler and Wendy Bussler

Chris Bussler (45) talks to his wife Wendy Bussler (50) about his experiences as a forward operating Mortuary Affairs Marine ("body bagger") during his service in the Marines while deployed in Iraq. He talks about struggling to deal with intense...

Tony Bancroft

Tony Bancroft, a Marine fighter pilot, talked to our history campers about his military experiences.

Risa Gross and Kent Berry

Risa Gross (39) and conversation partner, Kent Berry (65) discuss how our mentality can impact our interactions in society, mental illness and identity, thoughts on the approach of the Trump administration, and the ways faith can impact view of others...