Basketball community interview

I ask my oldest sister Rachel questions about her basketball career.

Grandpa Klatte

Aspen and Takoda came up with several questions to ask their grandfather.

My interview about education

This interview is about education in Kenya refugee camp vs education in the United States of America.

Story time with Layla

Just a little look into Layla’s life as a child.

Life talk with best friend!

Just a talk about life with 2 best friends, getting ready to graduate college.

Interview with Amanda

10 minute interview with Amanda Phillips, good friend and teammate.

Andrew and his Nana talk about her childhood.

Andrew Erion interviews his nana to participate in the Great Thanksgiving Listen. They talk about JFK’s assassination, growing up in the past, the rewards of hard work, and Grandpa’s letter writing with his 4 girlfriends. But in the end, humans...


I talk to mother about her life growing up and becoming a mother and the experiences she has learned from it.

A Good Life Together

Interview with Fran and Jeff Tarvin to capture 45 years of memories together.