English 11

Talked about life and the values it holds. Also Rebecca’s kids and what her future holds

More Questions

An interview between a student and a principal. Several questions about things that happen in school were explained so that students can get answers.

The You Before Me

I took the opportunity of doing a interview on a person that has importance to us (for a school assignment) and I interview my father. I wanted to know more about my fathers life before I was born and more....

20 life questions

What was talked about was past choices and memories till now

Profile questions

My moms manager is the one talking and she is a manager at a bar and my family owns tons of bars and I know how stressful it could get so I wanted to see it from someone else’s perspective

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Cousin Interview (Kristen)

Interviewed my cousin, and asked about her childhood, and growing up

What movie stars did you meet?

My grandfather talks about his work experience and some of the most interesting places he has been too. He reminisces’ about good old times with family. He lists off some of the 32 Countries he has been too for business,...

Melisa K

My mom talked about the positive influences in her life and how that has affected her growing up. She always talked about where our family came from and her greatest accomplishments.

Nina Nowicki

Interview of my grandmother, Nina Nowicki. She is is 74 years old as of 2018. Nina has lived a vibrant life and has inspired my entire family to keep moving forward. In this interview she shares stories of our ancestors...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2018 Irene Kaufman

In this recording, Mia Kaufman from Coronado High School records her grandmother Irene Kaufman for the 2018 Great Thanksgiving Listen

Laughter, Loss, and Love

Today I sat down and talked to my mom about her childhood, and what has shaped her into the person she is today. StoryCorps is a non-profit challenging people to capture their families’ histories. If you want to join the...

Interview with Jim Griffith

This interview was about me Danny Griffith asking Jim Griffith a series of questions about his life as a kid and as a grown man