Insight of the Life of Kathy Humphries, My Mom.

This is just a little story about the the life of my mom, Kathy Humphries. This interview was done in Henderson, Nevada as she was interviewed by her daughter, Danika aka me. As I ask her questions, ranging from my...

Jackie (Mom) and Samantha (Me)

This was fun, I got to learn about my mom’s life.

Conversation by Abby Sena with mom, Jen Sena

I asked my mom questions about her life. She told me about her childhood, how she grew up, and her parents. She also told me about some of her thoughts and feelings.

Ashley Hafemann’s Interview for the Great Thanksgiving Listen, 2017

In this recording, Ashley Hafemann at Coronado High School in Henderson, Nevada records an audio file for the 2017 Great Thanksgiving Listen. Ashley Hafemann is in 12th grade.