Michelle pryzybylo modern day transcendentalist

Michelle discusses her life that veers away from societal norms, the journeys that she’s been through, and how she is who she is today.

Where Have all my Good Men Gone?

“You never know when it’s going to be the last time you see somebody, life is so uncertain” In this interview, we hear Mighty Behrendt interviewing her grandmother, Sharon Hemmer Ruotola in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 28th,2019. Sharon was...

Alesha and Jake Gelsone

What was talked about was Alesha’s childhood and how loving she is. Me and my brother Vinny would never be anywhere without her fantastic childhood and mom powers

moms interview

we talked about childhood and the future of what has happened and what our hopes are to happen.

my mom

funny stories from childhood and good and bad memories plus lots of wisdom for future generations to appreciate

Interviewing Hope Manley-my mom

I interrupted my mom from eating a chicken pot pie to ask these questions about family traditions and past jobs

Learning about my dad

I talked to my dad to learn about what he's learned in life, and another interesting story.

Talk With Grandma

We talked about my grandma's childhood in the area of family and school. Towards the end, I learned that my grandma wanted to be remembered as an inspirational grandma.


Justin’s life before, during and after college.

Insight of the Life of Kathy Humphries, My Mom.

This is just a little story about the the life of my mom, Kathy Humphries. This interview was done in Henderson, Nevada as she was interviewed by her daughter, Danika aka me. As I ask her questions, ranging from my...

Interview With my Great Grandmother

Learning about my great grandmother’s journey from Vietnam to America and her advice to the younger generation.

Interview with Ivan Segal

An interview with Ivan Segal (80) about his life growing up in Philadelphia and being in the Marines.

Roz Hanlon

Mrs. Roz’s view on life and how to live a good life .

Larry Davis

Larry Davis talks about his past and present.

Thanksgiving Interview

This is my tutor / not really my brother but like my brother answering some fun questions

Cailin O’Connor

Cailin OConnor and her cute boyfriend talking about stupid random stuff

Evelyn Fuller’s first interview

We talked about what it’s like being a 3-year-old, as well as a lot of Disneyland memories.

English 11

Talked about life and the values it holds. Also Rebecca’s kids and what her future holds

More Questions

An interview between a student and a principal. Several questions about things that happen in school were explained so that students can get answers.

The You Before Me

I took the opportunity of doing a interview on a person that has importance to us (for a school assignment) and I interview my father. I wanted to know more about my fathers life before I was born and more....