Lamp talk

Basically, getting to know my father better, and retelling some of his life moments.

Person of interest

This interview is me talking to my mom about her past experiences in life and how it has given her the stregth to raise 3 crazy kids and hold a job all at the same time!

Uncle Dave interview

We talked about his time in the Air Force and his experiences.

Dennis Delisle

I will be interviewing my father about his life and work

Someone who is inspirational to me

This is an interview about me and my dad and why he is inspertatinol to me. I ask questions about life and how is life was growing up. I also asked a few questions on work.

Interview of John Mann

John Mann is a doctor who has moved a lot in his life and has many pieces of advice to share.

Steele Johnson P3 English Interview

My Mother reflects on her life as a girl in the 80s, and what private school is like.

English interview project

In this interview, I interviewed my mom about what it is like to be a parent. This interview goes over experiences, stories, and lessons for being a parent.

Story of my Maternal Grandfather, Alan Hills

I am interviewing my grandfather Alan Hills to learn more about his past and how his memory of life back then is just as important as now. *HEADPHONES RECOMMENDED*

My great aunt Nancy Martin

She’s a lovely photographer and a Montessori school teacher. She’s very in tune with nature and has a ridgeback mutt named Pluto and a husband Gregory Martin.