Two friends share memories of a friendship spanning 33 years, multiple states, marriages, kids, and cancer.

interview with grandma

I interviewed my grandma, Alexis Hoelzer, and asked her questions about growing up in the 50’s and about her life.

Audrey Kucharski

Hannah Kucharski interviews her grandma, Audrey Kucharski, for her StoryCorps project. She asks her questions about her childhood, dating life and about religion.

My moms journey to the US

I interviewed my mom and she explained how her life was much different here in milwaukee

Nathan & Maria (mom)

The interview is an experience on the first day in the U.S. for Maria Andrade, what things were different,culture, tradition, new way of lifestyle. Thoughts on helping undocumented citizens come to the U.S.

Interview with my mom

We talked about were my mom came and how she got here .

Elvia goes to Milwaukee

What we talked about was what obtacles did Elvia have to encounter and why she decided to come tobMilwaukee.

Claudia moves to Milwaukee

Claudia tells me her story on her she immigrated to Milwaukee

Maria del Carmen lives in Milwaukee

This interview is based on how my mother Maria Del Carmen, came to Milwaukee and how her experience went and has gone.

Ogilvis goes to Wisconsin

We talked about some questions regarding immigration. What life was like a justing to the U.S .

Monica Muñoz goes to Milwaukee, WI.

I ask questions to my mom about her journey to Milwaukee from Mexico.

Claudette goes to Milwaukee.

Discussion of why my grandmother moved to Milwaukee

The Life of it All: Kate Knuth shares her experience at Tamarack Waldorf School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Kate Knuth, High School Administrative Coordinator and Humanities Faculty, describes her path to Waldorf education and its development in Milwaukee.