John Bipes

Dad’s life growing up in Southern Minnesota, Being drafted into the military police, his young married life and his growth in the Lutheran faith.

Happy’s Turkey Farm

John’s experience growing up in a small town in Minnesota made him who he is today. The many stories he has to tell makes him a book that is so fun to listen to.

My mom

A summary of my mom and what goes on in her life.

Qualitative Interview

In this interview we discussed Claire’s past memories, life lessons, important people and the future.

Dad Interview

My dad got into his childhood memories and a little about his goals in life.

"It took me a while to realize the baby shower was for me"

Moments after being born Michael was put into foster care where he spent the first few months of his life until a young couple adopted him. He grew up not knowing who his birth-parents were until as an adult he...

Speaking on Seminary with Allison Peterson

Jackson (18) talks to his mom, Allison (59) about her going back to Seminary after taking a break from sitting behind a desk for almost 40 years.

The Value of Life and Stewardship – Mitchel Branden

Mitchel Branden (58) talks with his daughter, Tasha Branden (19) about how his life influenced his time in the U.S. Navy (1980-1984) and how the navy influenced his life post service.

Part of the community

Wendy Kahler shares her experiences of working at her job in which she helps people with disabilities become active members in the community.

For The Greater Good: A Norwegian's Experience with Covid

Rachel Andersen speaks with her Godmother, Marianne Hansen, about her experience with Covid in Norway. They talk about the struggles, the triumphs, and doing one's part for the greater good.

Lexi Surbaugh and Her Grandfather, William Surbaugh

Lexi Surbaugh: 2021-01-17 20:35:48 Lexi Surbaugh and Her Grandfather, William Surbaugh Talk About Their Lives and Upbringings

Liv Hedstrom and Lexi Surbaugh.

Liv Hedstrom: 2021-01-06 17:18:06. Liv Hedstrom (14) talks with friend, Lexi Surbaugh (13) about life and hardships.

Grace Blomberg and Liv Hedstrom

Grace Blomberg (14) and her best friend Liv Hedstrom (14) talk about Covid-19, their friendship and life stories.

Conversation with Pop

Asking questions about their childhood and experiences in life that had a lot of meaning.

Interview with Loretta “Lolly” Glenore Mills

Lolly talked about growing up in Wisconsin; meeting her husband Don Mills; having three girls Jan, Julie, and Jolene; and her hopes for her great grandchildren.

Aheed Atif

My Father describing his experiences in Pakistan and when he moved to the USA

My Grandma’s Life Story

What we mainly talk about was what it was like for her as a mom. We also talked about what she wants her legacy to be.