Great Thanksgiving Listen 2020

I interviewed my dad about his childhood and relationships with his family, and heard some fun stories in the process.

“Life is good, enjoy it”

This interview is with my grandmother explaining how life was for her growing up

Nancy Richings – Interview #3: More Childhood Memories

More stories from Nancy Richings’ childhood - NO NEED TO LISTEN PAST 30:26. There was an error but it kept recording.

Pandemic Interview

This is an interview with my father, a medical doctor working during the covid 19 pandemic.

Coronavirus impacts 5/23/20

Among the topics discussed were how daily life is like, how technology is utilized in a pandemic and how social relationships are like.

Practice Interview

I was talking to Rachel Barbrick (14) about some of her favorite memories and her thoughts on the global pandemic.


we talked about the COVID-19 pandemic and how it is affecting our lives and others.

Curating the Quarantine

Diving into how the Coronavirus has affected the community through the lenses of Seth Paradis.

Feelings about the COVID-19 pandemic:

Letzy Suquilanda (14) talks with her little sister, Kady Suquilanda (13) and asks her questions of how she is reacting and feeling throughout this COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Conversation

Noelle and Alex discuss how the current pandemic of COVID-19 has affected our lives personally and our world.

Paige interviews her Dad about Gordon Parks

Interview for a school assignment about someone important in history that they admire.

I’m Glad You’re Here

Caitlin and her student Casey sat down to talk about childhood and what it really means to grow up.

John Downs Interview

We visited about John’s childhood, parenting, special people in his life, military service and his faith.

Grandma Mona, Minneapolis, MN – Xmas Eve 2019

Grandma Mona is the matriarch of the Johnson/ Sulzbach family. I just married into the family & don’t have any living grandparents so capturing those interview was so valuable to me.

Interview With Mother

Things Laura Zimny has learned during her life thus far

The Most Important Moments In Life

In this interview, Evelyn, my grandmother, talked about her childhood memories and how she learned how to use her patience. The one thing she said was “never ever step down.” This phrase means you can be anything you want to...

McKenzie Interviews Heidi Welch – Life and Memories

My mother and I talked about her life as a child and memories she had. We also talked about people who influenced her, and we talked about myself.

Thanksgiving 2019

We talked about Grandpa’s early childhood and life story.