Mom’s history

Mom talks about my childhood and hers as well

Tati’s Emigration

Dad Talía about his experience emigrating from communist Romania to the US through Italy and his experience once arriving to America.

Celebrating 21 years: Love, COVID and Cancer

We discussed the beginning of our relationship 21 years ago and where we have come since then, including since Will's diagnosis of level 4 glioblastoma 13 months ago.

To the Beautiful Land

Yifei Lou traveled to America to study pastry making at the Culinary Institute of America. But then her time here was changed by covid and wild fires and protests, andfor us we were able to see America in these times...

"As fully formed as a 21 year old could be"

Jennifer St.Leger (41) talks with husband, Jeff St.Leger (52) about coming immigrating from Ireland to New York in the 1980s.

Family and Love in Brooklyn

Grandma Edith talks about her childhood in Brooklyn in 1950s and her reflections on her family.


I learned about my yiayia's (who is my stepfather's mother) life when she was a teenager and in her early 20s. She gave amazing answers and I learned a lot about her life.

Grandma’s life and experiences

Caleb (13) interviews his Grandmother (75) and asks about her life and experiences. This interview was conducted over Zoom, so the audio quality for my Grandmother may not be the best.

History StoryCorps Project-Peyton Coppins

In this interview, I had the pleasure of learning a great deal about my school counselor. The lessons and experiences she had growing up are ones I will take with me, and I hope to experience ones just like it.

What Exactly Is Definition Of Art Essay? Elizabet Taylor tells about this in me interview.

Elizabet Taylor is profesional copywriter, author of many articles about education. She has experience in this field for 11 years. Often, essay duties will center around items that take place in our day to day lives. Anyone can deliver a...

Great Thanksgiving Listen: Krista Costa
January 14, 2021 App Interview

I interviewed my mom for this interview as I’ve always felt interested in her childhood (1970s and 1980s). During this interview she talked about the fads of her youth, the socio-political climate the 70s/80s, and the things she misses most...

My StoryCorps Interview

I did an interview with my Dad about his childhood, special memories, and life lessons he’s learned along the way.

StoryCorps Interview With Rosanne Kozak – “Noni” – my Grandma.

I spoke to my Grandmother about memorable points in her life. I learned about my own family history from this interview.

Rik Palieri & Guy Davis Swapping Stories and Songs

Rik Palieri: 2020-12-25 16:56:49 interview with Blues Man Guy Davis . Two 60 + year old Folk Singers & friends from Vermont & NY, talk about music, Black Lives Matter, Pete Seeger, and dealing with Covid19

Zoe Rodriguez Ladias and Maria Rodriguez

Zoe Rodriguez Ladias and Maria Rodriguez (mother Maria and daughter Zoe): 2020-12-23 02:24:09, talk about how covid affected them personally and changed their life entirely, and how they navigated this tough year.