Noah Brooks talks to Dewain Lanfear about growing up in New York City.

In this interview recorded in Novemer of 2018 in Anderson, South Carolina, Noah Brooks (13) talks to his grandfather, Dewain Lanfear (76), about growing up in New York. We discussed his exstensive sports career and his favorite teachers among other...

Interview with Grandma

What she was like growing up. What she did growing up.

A visit with my aunt

I discovered my family history by chance on a visit to Los Angeles. My aunt Linda tells me the history of the Juachon family.

The Epiphany on the School Bus Roof

The story of my grandfather who went from a kid struggling in school, to a cook in the military, then to a funeral director, and finally to a school psychologist.

“Person with a Purpose”

During Thanksgiving, Jeffrey interviewed his mother, Corinna. Throughout the discussion, Jeffrey ask questions about her identity such as her childhood that made her the person she is today. To add on, Corinna also discusses a few life lessons and experiences...

Mora Vittum & Bernice Man

Growing up in NYC has had a big influence on my mother. Her experiences have made her who she is, and shaped her perspective on life. This has made up my childhood, and will continue to effect and influence who...

“A Journey Of A Thousand Steps Starts With One Step”

A father, a husband and a son talks about his childhood, his family and traditions that have shaped him into the man he is today. Mustansar Nasir talks about his experiences and memories combined into adversities that he has encountered...

An Interview with my mom: 11/26/2017

My mom Tina(48) talks answers my questions about her childhood, her 6 siblings, and immigrant parents.

“I am a Person who didn’t take his fortune for granted, and now want to help others” – Shawn Rajkumar

In this interview, a father, Lashkmi Rajkumar talks about his hardships in life and how it shaped him to be in the future. He now wishes to help others in life, as away to “pay back” the fortune he had...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

A grandmother’s childhood in the war and before air conditioning. As well as the story of how she met her husband.

Tony Link

In this interview, held on Thanksgiving Day 2015 in Buffalo, New York Jenna Russell (16) interviews her grandfather, Tony Link (83) about growing up. This interview is for the 2015 Great Thanksgiving Listen.