My Inspiration

I chose to interview my mom for this project. She is my inspiration in life and I wanted to dive into some questions with her.

Brian Interview

This interview is about my dad, Brian, and his life up until he and my mom had me and my sister.

Mommy and Me

We talked about my mom loving her job taking care of my brothers and I.

the story of my brother life

he seemed to enjoy school and was influenced by his teachers. he enjoyed his childhood and learned very good lessons.


Good and bad memories of my life. These are stories my mom wanted to share with me

Thanksgiving Interview

What it was like for me growing up at school and at home.

Tess Carrozzo interviews George Greco

Tess had asked me a lot of questions about my childhood best first day it’s just personal questions about my life is very informative and I think I gave her a lot of information about her uncle George.

A talk with my Dad

My Dad’s interesting life before me. Learn al lot in this interview.

Talkin with Tom

In this interview, my uncle and I discuss many things that have occurred in his life.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I did the Great Thanksgiving Listen with my grandfather. We talked about his childhood and other memories.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I talked to my Grandma about her life growing up and what is was like to be a parent.