Women of the Elevator Industry: Andrea Hanna and Marsha Williams

In celebration of International Women's Day, Schindler Elevator Corporation interviewed female employees that paved the way for women in the industry. in this conversation, Andrea Hanna and Marsha Williams reflect on meaningful moments throughout their careers.

Tati’s Emigration

Dad Talía about his experience emigrating from communist Romania to the US through Italy and his experience once arriving to America.

Challenging the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra to Not Play at Nixon Inaugural

John Friedrich (56) talks with his friend Bob Alpern (92) about the time that Bob stood up at a Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra concert, and urged them to not play at the inauguration of President Nixon in 1973, as a protest...

Leo Brichta Prisoner of War in WWI Russia told to Grandson Marshal Granor

Leo Brichta (75) discusses his capture and harrowing experiences in Siberia as a Prisoner of War in WWI. Interviewed by grandson Marshal Granor (16) then a high school student in 1972 as a social studies assignment for Dr. Herman Wohl...

Story of a Jersey Girl

Mother and son, Anna and Thomas, unpacked family history and Anna’s journey from growing up in a small, atypical family to creating one of her own and a life of community activism.

Asia and her bestfriend talks about covid-19 experience and child hood memories.

In this interview conducted in December 12, 2020 in Newark, DE. Asia Chandler (28) interviews her long time friend (bestfriend) Alexus Dover (26) about covid-19 and also her child hood and her perspective on life. Alexus shares stories about her...

" I want people to remember me by my kindness."

Kendall Crusco (age 16) interviews her grandmother, Marie Crusco about her life as a child. Kendall asks her grandmother how she wants to be remembered. Marie shares about her summers spent in Atlantic City, NJ. Kendall asks Marie about her...

Randy Ham and Anthony Lower

Two best friends, Anthony Lower (56) and Randy Ham (48) remember how they were brought together over Teen Titan comic books and Stevie Nicks in a fun and magical conversation.

Questions for my dad

Most of Michael Prices good memories and lessons have come from family experiences.

Steven Rauscher and Brandon Thrash – "Working in this Industry Right Now is Not the Same"

Steven Rauscher (33) and Brandon Thrash discuss the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on Philadelphia's service and hospitality industry, with a special focus on how the value of service and hospitality in America needs to be redefined and reframed moving...

Louis Furlan and Gavin Wagner

Gavin Wagner (19) talks to his Grandfather, Louis Furlan (81), about childhood, family life, and fond memories.

Steven Rauscher and Harry Jamison – "You Seem Like the Happiest One"

Steven Rauscher (33) and Harry Jamison (29) discuss the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on employment, opportunity, and happiness in the City of Brotherly Love. Recording issues dogged the first half (and even a bit of the second half) of...