Interview with PopPop: a man of few words.

My grandfather is 83 years old and although shows little emotion and speaks few words, he is as sharp as a nail.

Grandma Roberts

An interview with my grandma, Frances Roberts (97), reflecting on her life

Generations of Pride

Playwright Barbara Kahn speaks to friend and fellow writer Vanda about connecting with her Lesbian identity and working as a playwright in what was primarily a segregated field for Gays and Lesbians outside of New York City.

Starting Again in Another Country

My dad took 3 attempts to escape Vietnam. In the US my dad went to college and then traveled across the country to find jobs

Revealing Authenticity Through Experience: An Interview with Elizabeth Perez.

In this discussion between a mother and daughter, Christina and Elizabeth Perez discuss the facets of Elizabeth’s life that have shaped her into who she is today. Beginning with her multiple moves as a child and her various exposure to...

Generation to generation — what can we learn? P1

This interview begins with the story of my father escaping Vietnam, settling down in America and finding his version of the “American Dream”. Further into the interview we discuss the differences between my generation, specifically as a first gen Asian-American,...

From two different backgrounds, together as one.

I chose to do this interview with Brian to show that even though we came from two completely different backgrounds and upbringings, we looked past the differences we saw each other for who we are inside and came together as...


Emma Kopp interviews her mom Jennifer Ward on her childhood.

98 years of African American history.

Merrill Cooper, 98 years old African American from south Virginia with a high school diploma retired as International Vice President of transport workers union of America

An Interview with Mom

We talked about how I was like as a child growing up . Also stories about my childhood

My Aunt Claire and I

In this interview, we talked about my aunts life. We talked about things like what she was like as a kid, her happiest moment, etc. She also wanted me to mention she has a cold and that’s why her voice...


what was talked about was just basically my moms life. Randomly picked questions which meant something to her

Interview with my Grandmom

In this interview me and my grandmother talked about what life was like when she younger and some people who she missed and had an impact on her in her life.

My Moms Childhood

My interview was about my Moms Childhood and what it was like growing up.