Interview with Polish immigrant

Bernadette was born in 1971 and immigrated to France and the United States in the 90’s. This is her story. Recorded in Polish

My mother Margaret Krueger talks about the key points in her early life growing up in communist Poland

In this interview conducted in December 2018 in Plano Texas, Conrad Krueger interviews his mother about her childhood living in communist Poland. A lot of it was talked about was during the end of the Cold War, which included what...

My mom interview

I was talking about my moms immigration to the USA and her childhood

Spirituality unfolding Mankowski

This is the story of one man’s spiritual development from the Catholicism of his Polish immigrants through an epifany he had sniffing glue to his learning of transcendental meditation which has developed into a long-standing practice and peaceful existence.


How the Holocaust affected me even though I was born in Chicago after World War II.

Grandpa Interview

I ask my grandfather questions about his life and family history.

Nicholas Kasprzyk interviewing his grandmother from Poland.

This interview was done in Michigan on April 28, 2018. Nicholas Kasprzyk interviews his grandmother on topics such as her childhood, world war 2 and growing up. We discussed about her times in the war. We also talked about how...