"It's so fun and such a privilege to be part of this team and see what people can do together" An interview with Lindy Elkins-Tanton

Dr. Elkins-Tanton did not always know she wanted to be a scientist, yet she is now the principal investigator for NASA's Psyche mission and the managing director of the Arizona State University Interplanetary Initiative. Hear her talk about her journey...

"I love where life has taken me." An interview with Mamta Nagaraja.

Mamta Nagaraja started her career as an engineer but has adroitly transitioned into a position in science communications at NASA, where she strives to craft science into stories that will inspire others. Listen to Dr. Nagaraja discuss her path to...

"I love the fact that we're serving the public." An interview with Dana Bolles.

Dana Bolles works for the Science Engagement and Partnerships Division at NASA Headquarters. She was first hired as a Payload Safety Engineer with the Kennedy Space Center and since then, has worked at four NASA centers in mission support roles...

"As a human being, you shouldn't let the individual days go by without appreciating them." An interview with Justin Kasper.

Justin Kasper is a Professor of Space Sciences at the University of Michigan, where he designs sensors for spacecraft that explore extreme environments in space. In this interview Dr. Kasper talks about what sparked his interest in space, the rewards...

"It’s really amazing how difficult it is to study something like the ocean." An interview with Ved Chirayath

Dr. Ved Chirayath is the director of the Laboratory for Advanced Sensing (LAS) in the Earth Science Division at NASA Ames Silicon Valley. There, he develops and invents new instruments for NASA missions on Earth and in space, with much of his current work focusing on creating technology that will increase our...

On his own, from Hong Kong to America

I sit down with my maternal grandfather, Marcus Woo (Gung-Gung), to talk about coming to and growing up in America.

John Belzer’s Career in Orthopaedic Surgery

John Belzer’s exciting career, from being the doctor for the Golden State Warriors to accepting the role of the Chairman of the Department at his hospital’s private orthopaedic practice.

Honors extension project-Mia Giordano

This is questions I asked my sister of her view of tube American dream

Interview About Leadership

We talked about a lot, from becoming a stay at home mom, to marriage, to trusting your gut, and so much more.

Dylan Lui talks to his mom Patricia Yuen Lui about some of her childhood memories.

In this interview on December 1st, 2019 in San Francisco, CA, Dylan Lui (12 years old), interviews his mother, Patricia Yuen Lui (46 years old) about her childhood in San Francisco. Mrs. Lui shares about growing up with a large...

After Living and Working Around the Globe, a Grandmother Tells Her Story

As a part of The Great Thanksgiving Listen project, a grandaughter interviews her grandmother about her childhood, the time she spent working as a surgical nurse and assistant to the Levi Strauss family, and asks for some advice.