Life about my father

This interview is my father and his life here in the Unided States. He wanted to add this in the interview but didnt g et a chance to, so some th ing he wanted to say was that “For everyone...

Interview discussing childhood with basic questions

In this interview, I interviewed my boyfriend Austin Cunningham. I asked basic questions to which many reflected on our childhood and difficulties we faced as well as good times. We stray away from difficult topics since we felt that we...

Social stratification of Laura Hallinan

In this interview conducted on April 4, 2019, Ili Tuipulotu (18) interviews his AVID Teacher Laura Hallinan about the social structures in her life such as education, accomplishments, aspirations and goals, and her engagement with her students within the community...

Interviewing my mom about Social Mobility

I interviewed my mother about her experience with and opinions on social mobility and stratification.

Amanda Bach’s Story

This is the life story of my mom and the difficulties she faced growing up in a place far from home.

Story Corp w/ Hang Phan

We talked about our family history as well as my mom’s modern life.

Me and My Mom

Questions about her life, her family, etc.

My Family

We spend hours on end reliving moments in our lives. This is a small snippet of my family. We are also very loud, so be catious when listening in headphones or big speakers.

Immigrant project

An Immigrant from Taiwan gets interviewed on how he got to America and how he adjusted to American society

Interview for English 2

Couple of questions I asked my father for a project for my English 2 class


We talked about how she thought how I was influenced by her and her earliest thoughts about me.

Interview about Amy Huynh from David Huynh’s perspective
September 21, 2018 App Interview

I asked David what his hopes and dreams were for me and how he felt/thought of when he first met me. I aslo asked if he saw any of himself in me and if he had one more piece of...

Interview Questions Ideas

This was My sister in the interview talking about me orlando.

Storycorps Project
September 21, 2018 App Interview

This interview talk about how much love she gave me.

Interviewing my Older Sister

I asked my sister questions about her opinions on me. She was very opened about what she thought of me.