Advancing the Culture

Elton Louie talks about his journey in the realm of fashion, design, and more. In this episode, the Santa Ana-based creative goes in depth into what it means to create and gives advice to those looking to follow a similar...

Canadian Hockey Guy & the Prince of Anaheim

Former Anaheim Ducks Player Kent Huskins sits down with Anaheim Native Joel Kott of Paul Kott Realtors

Rdz Dia del Padre (Grandpa, Benny Bro, and Joe Cool) 2019SunJune16

Father’s Day interview at Grandpa’s house for Father’s day 2019. The Rodriguez fellows; grandpa Benny, brothers Benny and Joe share what being a dad is all about.

The greatest role model

In this interview we explore my families history with my mother who grew up in Santa Ana in the seventies. She shares details into our family’s past some of the jobs that they did and how she a mexican woman...

Interview parents on college

Asked my mom/aunt on the road to college. And what she expects from us.

Interviewing Mama

Today I got the opportunity to ask mama questions about me attending college. We laughed, we cried, we hugged, and we loved.

Interview with my mother

I had the great opportunity to interview my mother about her thoughts on me attending college the following year.

Fall semester final

The questions were about what my moms opions were about me going to a university . It was an AVID final project.

Parent Interview

Questioned my grandfather on thoughts of education and my future.

“My 2 cents”

A lack of communication breeds assumptions of what the other is thinking or feeling; and assumptions are, more often than not, incorrect.

Interviewing Lauro

Today I interviewed Lauro and we spoke about college and all of his concerns, desires, and dreams for me.

Off To College (part 1)

In this interview my grandpa and I talked about his feelings towards me attending a university.

Cristian’s interview

Q&A between me and my father of how college will be and how it will affect my life.

Fall Semester Final/College

This interview was about my dad’s expectations and worries for when I go to college and my own expectations and worries for when I go to college.

Mother, Daughter Talk

I have a conversation with my mom about me leaving to college,and what her concerns are when I leave for college

StoryCorps AVID Final Parent Interview

This is a recording of an interview with my mom in which I ask her questions relating to college.