Edwin and Chris interview
September 23, 2019 App Interview

Chris and Edwin are interviewing each other about the things they do on a daily basis and what they like to do

Shaine’s life

This interview was about Shaine’s life like what she went through growing up and how she felt. This is also about memories she had.

Sonia interviewing Gabby

Gabby talked about how she loved others and wanted to help people.

Spring project

It was an informative interview. But I am glad he cares about my education

Marshall’s Interview

Very insightful set of questions and a lot of fun.

Kailan Felson

In depth personal interview on Kailan and her life.

Grandparents Interview

We talked about PopPop’s childhood, when he met my Nana and giving advice

She ate my homework

My uncle tells a story about his times in elementary school when his teacher never gave back the assignment.

Recuerdos de niña

In this interview we talked about my mom’s childhood memories things she would have changed in her life if she had the chance to and advice she would give to future parents and to her kids.

Cip Petersen

He talked about his childhood and how that made him who he was. He also talked about what he wanted to leave behind when he’s gone. Most of the interview revolved around his mistakes and why those mistakes helped him...

Interview with Grandma

My grandmother’s childhood and the environment she grew up in.

A good life=pain

Metzli tells of how she grows up. She had a rough life but worked to have a good life.

Prisila and her friends talk about their friendship

In this interview my friends and i recall our memories and we talk about how are friendship has build us.

I jag learning about big brother chris

We don’t really have much in out family during Chris generation and he did get called a looooot of names during his time. Great gram a was also very artistic. Find out everything during this interview

Interview with my mom

This interview is with my mom asking her about her childhood mostly and how she’s come to be a mother.

Interview with Mr. Mina

This was an inspirational interview with Mr.Mina.

Story Corps project

Me and my math teacher sitting down and listen to each other’s story.