Her Own Space: Self Care, Sisterhood, and South Korea with Robin

Traveling while black means researching more than ticket prices and exchange rates. There's a savviness to surviving racism in the United States and abroad as colorism, cultural appropriation, and xenophobia abound. Robin's faced it all as a black woman teaching...

May 2020

Logan Bryan talks with her grandparents, father, and friends over the phone about their perceptions on society's current status.

Interviewing my Mother

Interviewed my mother about Family Heritage, our grandparents, growing up and school, Love, working, and Religion. I also interviewed her about many other things!

Interview with John Tipton

This recording is about a hard working man talking about the many jobs he does and how he may be busy, but he wouldn’t change it for the world.

Interviewing a Veteran

I interviewed my dad, Bobby Anderson. He talked very briefly about his time in the United States Army in the 1970s.

Grandpa Tweets

Austin Stern interviews his grandfather Donald Scotten. They talk about his childhood life to going into the military and being a father and grandfather today. Donald also shares a little about the technology today and about his regrets in life.

Grandma’s Lifestyle

This storycorps interview was about my grandmother life. All her experiences and things as a whole she would like to pass on.

Gage’s Victorian interview

Sandra grew up as a child with many in a poor house hold. She never went to school , however, her great children are all going to college and most being fenale. A true progress.

Frederick Landry talks with his mother, Rosalee Landry, and she shares memories of her parents, family and her children.

Rosalee Landry, at age 74, shares memories of her childhood, dealing with the death of a spouse due to war, becoming a Baha’i, remarrying her now husband and having three children.

Interviewing my Godmother

I ask my Godmother question about her life and about what our future holds for us.

Katrina Watson and Courtney Gilbert

Cousins Katrina Watson (26) and Courtney Gilbert (28) reflect on the summers they spent at their grandmother's house in Tennessee and how their parents created the space for them to make wonderful memories with each other throughout their childhoods.

Jesse and James

I did an interview on my good friend James for class and this is what he said

Wendy Cornelisen

After a life changing moment, Wendy Cornelisen decided to switch professions and become a librarian. In less than 7 years, Wendy went from being a student in graduate school to becoming the Assistant State Librarian for the state of Georgia....

The Great Thanksgiving Listen: My Grandmother and I
December 10, 2019 App Interview

My Grandmother tells stories about family, growing up, and songs. She gives me advice about love, life, and remembering the good times.

My Mema

We talked about her whole life story, from before there were televisions, to a nasty divorce, finishing with her accomplishments.

Living By a River

This interview was conducted with my mother. It was based mostly on the differences between Korean and American culture.


The most interesting thing about interviewing Carol. Was that she has never been to the Empire State Building.