Daily reflection of Ta & Ha.

A interview of "ta-ta" (Tj) by is long-time girlfriend of 10 years, reflecting back on their past together.

MHS2019 Sulaiman

My cousin was a real hard worker. He never gave up on life.


My sister tells the story of our trip to Houston, Texas.

Jordan Menard and his mom, Jenny Menard talk about childhood, growing up, work life, and experiences with each other.

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Austin, Texas, Jordan Menard (16) interviews his friend and mother Jenny Menard (47) about her childhood and overall life. Mrs. Menard shares stories about growing up and things she did when she...

Afternoon with Padrino

This interview is to see what experiencias my godfather went through and how he persevere through them.

Growing up

My interviewee is talking about how her childhood was and how she grew up.

Uncle Phil

Phil Shannahan, my great uncle, was the fifth and final child born to John and Virginia Shannahan in 1945. His siblings, Ann, Dave, Jim, and Sharon, provided him with ample love, life tips, protection, and a great relationship. Phil grew...

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Today I was with my grandma and we talked her childhood and her life. I really enjoyed it because it got to hear some answers that I have never heard before.

Grandmother Cutlip 2017

I interview my grandmother about her childhood, career, and marriage