Balbina’s memories of her family becoming migrant workers in the late ‘40s.

Balbina Escobar Tijerina shared memories of the first time that her family traveled to Hartford, Texas as migrant farm workers. She also shared her first out of state migrant farm worker adventures in Idaho to work at a sugar beet...

Beverly Gottwig first interview

General subjects..marriage, parents, retirement, Texas

Interview with Grandpa

We spoke about the assassination of President John F Kennedy. It was interesting to hear the perspective of someone who was alive at the time.

The relationship you choose: Stepmom

This is an interview with my youngest stepson about what it was like to watch his parents get divorced and to get a new stepmother.

Ella Wilson interviews any Wilson about her life and family

My mother is an amazing women who has accomplished many things in her life. In my podcast we talk about some of those things and some backstory into my family.


This interview is private.

Army Baseball

My dad tells the story of being drafted during Vietnam with a young family, and of his sports career in Germany that resulted.

Interview about Ghanaian traditional kente cloth.

We talked about what Ghanaian traditional kente is? For which occasion is being wear and who wears them?

Gabrielle Regalado and Jasmine Cuevas and Activism in the C.A.R.E. Colaition

An interview with the secretary of the newly formed C.A.R.E. Coalition. In which we cover her personal experiences in Activism and the Founding of the organization.

storytelling assignment

this is a interview with my younger sister asking her questions about her life and her achievements.

Storytelling with the Armstrong’s

Everyone has stories to tell and Enid Armstrong, mother of two wonderful boys has a few short stories to listen to. A short 13 minute interview conducted by her youngest son David brings some of these stores to light! Albiet...

Gary Jackson’s family history

The history and story of the Jackson and Gunn family located in Lamar County Texas. The story told from Gary Jackson's perspective.

Interview with Randy Metcalf on April 11, 2021.

My dad and I talked about life lessons he has gained and learned in his life. Another aspect was what he learned from his parents.