Jared Stormer Interview With Kristin Evans of The Chase Stemm Academy

Kristin Evans is an outreach specialist at the Chase Stemm Academy specializing in introducing inner city and low income children to green spaces and urban farming in Toledo, Ohio.

From Foster Child to Parent: The Childhood of Mandy Lehman.

Mandy Lehman, a mother with mitochondrial disease, describes her childhood and what it was like growing up with an abusive family and the foster care system.

Great Thanksgiving Listen with my Grandma
November 22, 2018 App Interview

I interview my grandma, Carol, about how she met my grandpa and her favorite family traditions.

Grandmother Interview

This is a interview I did on my grandmother. We discuss her childhood, teenage years, children, spouse, and religion.

Mitzi DeLuca

During the interview Mitzi’s daughter interviewed her about important people in her life and story’s about her daughter.

My mom’s childhood

We talk about my mom’s childhood and growing up.

Fr. Jeremy interview

Why Fr. Jeremy is a priest. How he came to become a priest.

Bill Davis Senior-to-Senior Project

I interviewed Bill about his life, religious beliefs, and opinions about the United States.

APUSH 2nd Quarter Grade Reclaimation

I, Sarah Replogle, interviewed my grandma, Barbara Gatchel aka Mimi on her early life and our ancestry.

Mom and Me

Talking with my mom about our family and her relationships with them. Also asked about her worldview from her childhood and from today.

Mr. Lennon and Cameron talk about Mr. Lennon’s life

Mr. Lennon and Cameron talk about life in the Great Depression and his time in WW2, and Japan. They also talked about his jobs on a farm, Oldsmobile, and war plants. They talked about his memories and his childhood.

Thanksgiving with Granny 2017

Over thanksgiving I had the chance to interview my grandmother about her childhood growing up with her family in Akron Ohio.