Gail and Tony Pedretti at her home the afternoon of Sunday, May 9, 2021

Tony is asking Gail about life events after high school through the birth her first child at her home in Palos Park, IL the afternoon of Sunday, May 9, 2021.

Where to travel during the pandemic

2020 has changed our lives and travel plans as well. But this year isn’t going to be the same, because it’s the year when you can enjoy vacations. If the traveler in you is entreating a trip then what’s stopping...

Josh and Tony Pedretti at home the afternoon of Saturday, April 24, 2021

Tony is asking Josh about Jujutsu training and designing games in Roblox Studio at home the afternoon of Saturday, April 24, 2021

Flashing Error LED? Brother Printer Error Light | Dial 817 442 6637

Users of Brother Printer, at times, are perturbed by the flashing lights in the printer. This is one of the prevalent error codes and usually comes forth when the drum counter isn’t installed in the correct orientation or place. If...

Dial-(817) 442-6637 To Fix Epson Printer Won’t Print error

 You are in midst of an important printing operation and due to no apparent reason, the Epson won’t print. This scenario can be highly vexing. If you want to find a retort to this issue, you are in the right place....

Events leading to the Civil War

Events leading to the Civil War. Talk about Buchanan, slavery, and division of the US.

Antonio Cariello & Giuseppe Marrone

Antonio Cariello (me), and my soon-to-be 81 years old grandpa go over his best and worst moments. These span from his childhood during World War II to his experience fighting lymphoma, covering subjects like marriage and the birth of children...

Abu’s Story

My grandma and I talked about some of her family traditions, her legacy, and changes in society.

Epson Printer Error Code E01 Solution to Fix | 8063917809

Epson Printer Error Code E01 is one of the standard issues that clients encounter. This glitch ends the printing activities and as a rule, stems during the introduction cycle. This article gives an exhaustive answer to fix this Epson printer...

Marck Ortega and Jorge Ortega

Marck Ortega: 2020-12-21 21:16:2 I(14) interview my father(49) about his experience in 2020 and his thoughts on it. IN SPANISH

Guide to wear jeans with unique stylish jackets
December 21, 2020 App Interview

The leather jacket is an all-around leading fashion that will never go out of the context in style. You can wear it with any outfit. Currently, I want to discuss how many to wear your jeans with preferred outerwear. The...

Check These HP printer errors and how to fix them

The Hewlett-Packard Company, commonly known as HP, needs no introduction. Time and again HP has established itself among the top-notch brands in the field of development and manufacture of hardware as well as software along with providing services. One product...

Easiest Way To Resolve Brother Printer In Error State

Brother printers are one of the popular choices among users owing to its fine technology and affordability. However while using them, users encounter a message ” Brother Printer in Error State” which can hamper the printing operation. If you happen...

Backpacks & Baguettes

A father and son talk about the children’s travel book they wrote together, Backpacks & Baguettes, and the reminder it provided of what it was like to live in the world before the pandemic hit - the sights, the smells...

Jensen Howland and Jan Howland

Jensen Howland: 2020-12-05 17:14:54 Interviewing my mother about her parents to capture the life, marriage, and parenthood of my grandparents.

Learning more about my mom

I interviewed my mom Yolanda. I asked her questions about her journey coming to America and her childhood.

Learning more about my mom

I interviewed my mom Yolanda. I asked her questions about her journey coming to America and her childhood.