Sarah Gibson and Humberto Perdomo

Humberto Perdomo (74) speaks with his daughter Sarah Gibson (29) about his life growing up in Columbia and his coming to United States.

Sarah Gibson and Patricia Perdomo

Patricia “Patty” Perdomo (62) speaks with her daughter Sarah Gibson (29) about growing up, attending high school in Boston and meeting her future husband eight days after arriving in the USA.

Childhood Experiences

My mother came from a loving home however her parents were somewhat overbearing and over proctective. However, this kept her safe and she was able to create a loving home for me and a successful business. In my opinion, she...

First Interview

this interview is abouth Jusilaine’s life

Interview with a Mexican immigrant

30 year old Mexican immigrant talks about life lessons he’s learned so far


The life of this person and how they feel about it today

Oma Maslow-Er Project 12/8/19

Discussion with my grandmother (Oma) on her life then & now as a mother, wife, and grandmother. She identifies as a member of the Traditionalist/Silent Generation.


My dad had a very interesting life, with many surprises.

An Interview With My Sister
December 5, 2019 App Interview

This is an interview with my sister during Thanksgiving.

12 Questions With Mom

This is my mom and the story of her life from childhood to today, from Italy to USA. Her story is different and her voice is magical.

Janice Tuck

My grandmother, Janice Tuck, grew up in Massachusetts. Her family came over as servants on the mayflower to the United States, and eventually settled in Novascotia. My grandmother worked as a nurse her whole life attending Boston University and graduating...

Paul Yin interviewed by Noah Yin part 2

Paul Yin’s personal history from moving to the US onwards

Thanksgiving Interview with Grandpa Ray, Age 92

Grandpa Ray Young, who retired from the practice of law last year at age 91, was interviewed by his 5-year-old Great-Granddaughter Charlotte Clark-Lietar (with help from Charlotte’s mom, Charity R. Clark). Grandpa Ray lived his whole life in the Boston...

Shelley Mellon and Rose Ann Forte

Rose Ann Forte (60) is interviewed by her good friend Shelley Mellon (51) about her upbringing, career, and faith.

Danielle Bennett and Therese Peskowits

New acquaintances, Danielle Bennett (41) and Therese Peskowits (44) talk about their work, how gun violence has impacted their lives, and their connections to the Gun Violence Memorial Project currently on exhibit at The Chicago Cultural Center.


My mom’s experience migrating to the U.S

Venezuelan immigrant interview
October 18, 2019 App Interview

I interviewed my mom about her experience moving to America