Julie Peck and William (Bill) Lynch

Julie Peck 72 and Bill Lynch 75 discussed the development of Bill's social justice philosophy from a Quaker high school, through law school at U of Chicago, becoming a conscientious objector after ROTC, teaching in a changing school system.

Ellen Schur and Jan Schur

Interview of Ellen Schur (50) with her mother Jan Schur (80) about childhood in Milwaukee, WI. Also about Steve Schur's (died age 71) childhood in Chicago, IL and their participation in the civil rights movement in Madison, WI. Other topics,...

The 2020 Experience- The Challenges of a COVID Bride and a Healthcare Worker

A personal interview between brother and sister and the mental and emotional challenges that 2020 has posed: cancelled med school graduation, cancelled wedding, starting residency amidst a pandemic, and a whole abundance of emotions throughout.

A Conversation with Papa

John Miller talked about his life, his various jobs, his loving wife, his parents/grandparents, and life advice.

A soulful strut in youth

A pleasant memory in 1968 after graduating from 8th grade and attending my Luncheon.

Mark Falanga interviews his Mother Dolores Falanga who is 93 years old about her current life.

Mark Falanga: 2020-07-15 20:42:04 Mark Falanga (61) interviews his mother, Dolores Falanga (93) about her life after moving from New York to California 20 years ago.

What we wore, when we were young….

Talking about what they wore when they were young, and what it was like to teach back then

Entrevista a Allan Morales

Esta es una entrevista a mi esposo en la que busco entender mucho mejor su punto de vista como inmigrante en los EEUU.

Migrating from Mexico to America

Lesly shared her story about migration, adjustment and education opportunity in the U.S.

Aunt Martha 3

Aunt Martha talks about death. She discussed her friends and relatives who have passed on and her time with them.

Malisa Flowers

Talking to my grandmother and great grandmother about their upbringing in the south and migrating to the north.

To Live With Masks and Gloves

On this episode, we’re spotlighting the topic of COVID-19 and growing up.

George and Dale

George Schiller remembers growing up with his brother and best friend Dale.