Covid-19 2020

An interview by a 23 year old living through a pandemic in the year of 2020. A virtual time capsule

Robert Adkins Brown Part 4 1970s and early 80s.

Bob talks with Kaya, Ken and Karen about time with Sue and kids in Dallas, Tacoma Park, and Columbia Maryland in the 70s and early 80s. Memories of kids growing up and professional accomplishments.

How do I get USTVnow for free on Roku?

The USTVnow is a compatible online streaming channel and allows you to watch famous content that is aired. Moreover, this channel is now officially available on the Roku channel store; rather, you can get via your Roku account. Similarly, you...

Black in America

As black men like George Floyd, continue to be killed in America, I ask my husband what it feels like to be black in America.

Mom on Mother’s Day

Childhood, growing up in the 1950s, family strengths, the disappearance of the family farm, and generosity.

Nurses during the Covid Pandemic Dallas, TX.

We’re almost 2 months into our covid pandamic in Dallas, Texas. Here is our story - 2 nurses who work in level 1 trauma hospital in Downtown Dallas.

Marcus Ortiz (2020)

We talked about his life and his past and how he wants to be remembered.

My Grandpa’s Path in Life – Making Decisions For Himself

My Grandpa Paige told me about some of his life. He enjoys golfing and has lived in many places throughout his life. He changed colleges and was with Campus Crusade for part of college and on staff later. Afterwards, he...

7th grade Tx History

in This interview my grandpa will answer questions. The questions are about his military experience and his heritage.

Amada (Molly) Leaños Talks About Her Life and Important Events that Occurred Shaped it.

Amada Leaños starts with how she grew up in Dallas right next to a quaint church. She spent her childhood with her parents, many siblings, family friends, and the priest next door living very humbly and religiously. Growing up she...

Reflections and Recollections

I interviewed my grandfather, Mike Mckissick, on Monday, December 9th, 2019. We talked about his experiences growing up as a teenager and other aspects of his childhood.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen – Haniya Parakkavetty

In this interview, conducted on December 8th, 2019 in Dallas, Texas, Haniya Parakkavetty (16) interviews her mother, Shabana Hameed (40) about her childhood abroad and her experiences while moving to the United States. Mrs.Hameed shares her stories about her childhood...

Nicolas’s English Interview

We talked about my mother’s life growing up with four siblings in a different country. We also talked about the ups and downs she went through in her life and how they motivated her more to become the great person...

Entrevista sobre mi mama
December 3, 2019 App Interview

Una entrevista sobre mi mama donde ella habla sobre su vida

La Banda del Animo

I spoke with Mr. A on the legacy of the Martin High School Marching Band of the lates 1970s and early 1980s. The pride, rivalries, and traditions that were instilled through music to Martin High School, Laredo, South Texas, and...

My Mama and Me

Interviewing my Mother. Asking her questions and learning about her history. UwU

U.S. History Reasearch Project

An interview between (me) a 9th grader and (my) his Grandma about the JFK assassination.

John F Kennedy assasination account by Gayle Fowlkes

A dive into one of the most shocking events in American history: the JFK assaination. Talking about the events, the lead up to the events, and Americans future afterwards by the account of a witness of the shooting.